San Academy Group of Schools

San Academy Group of Schools

Moulding the Future of the Nation

Inculcating discipline and moral values in the students to cater to the ever-changing norms of the society, San Academy Group of Schools ensures ample opportunities for every child to reach his full potential and centres its educational philosophy on praise, encouragement, enthusiasm and affection

Being well aware of the fact that children in the present times are more sensitive, with a very high self-esteem and practice independent thinking, the educators at San Academy Group of Schools get the best out of the children through the positive reinforcement of good work and good behavior. Believing in the notion that every child is unique in nature with varying needs, they foster a conducive environment full of love, care, motivation and creativity, and instill in the children a desire to learn with emphasis on their social, emotional, physical, aesthetic, intellectual and developmental aspects, rather than criticism, fear and punishment.

An Enriching Odyssey

Bent on exploring the journey of education by providing enrichment through values and exposure to varied learning opportunities with an emphasis on holistic education, San Academy Group of Schools has a proud academic tradition which maximises every learning opportunity to shape the students’ future through high-quality, values-enriched teaching and learning. Giving exposure and extending various platforms to exhibit the innate talents of children is the prime principle of San Academy institutions.

A Conducive Learning Environment

Under the exemplary leadership of Ms. R. Archana the Director, every child is considered as a unique divine blessing by the educators at San Academy who consistently attempt to nurture the amazing abilities of the children. Such an endeavour is enabling each one of them to achieve the best in their lives as San Academy feels that every child has something great in store for future. More to add, Ms. Archana strongly believes in the students’ freedom of action and thought, and is consistently working with an aim of taking her schools to the pinnacle of glory, by making the children excel in all the arenas.

Considering every student as an unpolished stone when she or he enters into the school, she feels that it is the school’s dedicated mission to shape them into dazzling diamonds in facing the futuristic challenges of the complex and competitive world. According to her, every SAN-ite should love the school and be always eager to be a part its success story. She also insists on making the learning environment conducive and productive with the help of audio-visual aids, computers, smart boards, etc. and constantly focuses on faculty development through upgrading of teaching skills in terms of matter as well as manner at regular intervals.

Promoting Holistic Development

Nurturing a vision for holistic development of the students, San Academy has introduced various activities as ‘After School Programme’ from the Academic Year 2018-19. With a view that classroom teaching-learning environment gets strengthened by after-school activities, this programme is an attempt to target the aesthetic development, character enrichment, spiritual and physical growth, of the students and is a means of developing their skills and competence. In addition, such extracurricular activities enable the students to express themselves freely and inculcate the values of co-operation and brace the students for the challenges of the future.