Greenwood High International School

Greenwood High International School

Laying Strong Foundation for a Prosperous Future

Realizing the supreme importance of quality education, Greenwood High has been enabling children to explore their talents, nurture their intellect and creativity, and enhance their potential while inculcating in them the values of commitment and empathy

Established in Bangalore, in the year 2004, Greenwood High International School nurtures a vision that every young person who, as a student, passes through these portals will be a principled thinker, an effective communicator, and an open-minded global citizen. With a motto of providing a fresh perspective on education – one that teaches the child how to think, instead of what to think – the school is consistently working in the direction of overall personality development of the students, enabling them to become sensitive and responsible human-beings.

Fostering Holistic Development

Besides working on its mission of shaping students as socially-conscious, well-informed, curious, and creative individuals with a passion for lifelong learning; the school also encourages the proactive role of the parents in the personality development of their wards. The school’s Mission Statement – “To educate young people in ways that prepare them to be active, free thinking, and socially responsible citizens in a democratic society….” – clearly reflects these ideals. This goal is achieved by the dedicated efforts of an enthusiastic and thoroughly professional faculty, working with an innovative and humanistic educational approach.

The students are expressly trained and motivated to become critical yet compassionate thinkers. Various discipline techniques and teaching tools are used to raise them as individuals who are confident enough to surmount any personal limitation and direct all their efforts towards discovering and developing individual potential. It also lays an equal emphasis on understanding of different cultures & acknowledgement of individual differences.

Greenwood High International School – Bannerghatta

This school was established in 2016 and is affiliated to the ICSE board. It follows the philosophy laid down at Sarjapur which emphasizes courtesy, kindness, empathy and mutual respect for nature and all things around which is created through active learning.

In a span of 2 years, it has earned recognitions like the Best School in Bengaluru for Teaching & Learning Practices Award; Best Upcoming ICSE School; No. 1 Emerging School in Bengaluru; School with Best Infrastructure in Bengaluru; and has been ranked #1 in India under the Top ICSE School – parameter wise for ‘Infrastructure Provision & Individual Attention to Students’.

Merit recognised

Greenwood High International is ranked India’s #2, Karnataka’s #2 & Bangalore’s 2 International Day-cum-Boarding School and Greenwood High, Bangalore is ranked India’s #3, Karnataka’s 1 & Bangalore’s #1 Co-ed Day-cum-Boarding School in the Education World India School Rankings 2018-19. Greenwood International School is ranked No.1 in India under the Top ICSE School – Parameter wise for ‘Academic Reputation’ and is ranked #1 in India, #1 in Karnataka & #1 in Bengaluru in category – ‘India`s Top 20 Day-Cum-Boarding School’ in a survey by for 2018 – Sarjapur School.