Hielo Beverages – Peaur

Hielo Beverages – Peaur

Purity and Excitement Promised

Engaged in manufacturing the finest assortment of high-grade, export quality natural mineral water, natural sparkling water and natural nectar-based fruit juice, Hielo Beverages India Pvt. Ltd. has created a niche brand called Peaur, which replenishes, revitalizes and rejuvenates in an instant

Endeavouring to offer purity, untaintedness and extreme goodness, Hielo Beverages has launched the brand ‘PEAUR’, which has quickly found a place in customers’ hearts because
of its superior and natural water products, thus setting itself apart from similar manufacturers. It has immediately attracted those who prefer natural to artificial, overall health to simply quenching thirst and ready to pay that premium to get something extraordinary.

Uncompromising Quality

Establishing massive infrastructural units operated by the best technicians to meet the modern lifestyles of the urban health enthusiasts, and to maintain supreme quality of its beverages, Hielo Beverages takes special care to ensure that the quality of its products is always premium. To follow high-quality standards, it has created manufacturing abilities at
par the international market guidelines and standards, and urges its customers to buy PEAUR to not only quench their thirst, but to maintain their goals of staying healthy and drinking pure.

Desiring to offer premium quality and targeting people from all generations, it has utilized its market knowledge to deliver breakthroughs in its range of products. Trying dedicatedly to set benchmarks in sustainable development, it takes special care to minimize any negative impact on the Mother Nature in its efforts to contribute towards its social responsibility.

Not Just A Basic Need

Believing that the modern lifestyles demand not just water to keep our bodies hydrated, Hielo Beverages has launched Peaur Natural Mineral Water, which has been scientifically developed incorporating adequate minerals for body’s energy and mineral needs. Thus, its Peaur Sparkling Natural Mineral Water replenishes one’s entire system helping one rejuvenate in a jiffy, and the Peaur Flavoured Vitamin Water revitalizes through important vitamins and antioxidants. Thus, under the able guidance of Mr. Piyush Mathur, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Managing Director of Hielo Beverages Private Limited, the company has not only successfully created a world-class brand, it has offered more than just a bottled mineral water to its customers unlike several other beverage companies.