Hari Darshan

Hari Darshan


With an aim to set new landmarks in the incense industry of India, Hari Darshan came to the fore with its traditional art of making fragrance and incenses and won the hearts of millions of people across the country. Consistently chalking out new standards for the industry, it has become an inspiration for its competitors.

More than a brand, Hari Darshan is a story of perseverance in itself. Its voyage is no less than a dream turned into reality. The entrepreneurial dream that Mr. J N Nagdev, the Founder and Mentor of Hari Darshan, saw when he laid down the foundation of the firm in 1980 was guided by a vision, “Principles before Profits”. Although the company became a privately held limited firm in the 1980s, it traces its roots back to the late eighteenth century. Today, it is one of the largest manufacturers of Incense Spirituals Aromatherapy Products in the country.

Inspiring people towards an aromatic journey of spirituality through the pleasant fragrance of its incense sticks, Hari Darshan provides a sense of freshness that gives tranquility in the moments of stress. The fragrances of Hari Darshan have a comforting presence in the homes and hearts of its consumers – a presence that has been cherished by generations.

Hari Darshan presents a great synergy between the traditional art of making fragrances & incense, and the modern manufacturing techniques, and offers a plethora of products ranging from Dhoop, Camphor, Incense sticks, Chandan Tika, Kalawa Moli to Havan Samagri, Jyot Batti and Kumkum Roli.. Thus, its products span each and every spiritual need of its clients.


Believing that the fast-paced and highstress life of today needs to be balanced and comforted with peace, calm and relaxation of mind, Hari Darshan manufactures products that transform the whole aura of the home, making it spiritual and positive. These products carry a century-old rich legacy and trust that Hari Darshan has gained over the years. The company does not merely manufacture incense products, but also sets new quality benchmarks with every piece. For this, it has established an extensive incense manufacturing setup located and networked across the country.

The production setup comprises 12 units and 2,50,000 sq. ft. of production area that reflects the grandeur of the organization. The company has its own in-house laboratory where state-of-the-art equipment are put into action to examine the quality of every single product. All the new ingredients are tested and developed very carefully to maintain the unbeatable track of the firm in terms of quality and prestige. With a dedicated workforce of more than 1000 people, the company caters to millions of outlets through 500 distributers with its powerful reach.

Hari Darshan has won recognition from the Government of India for Export Growth apart from winning several Best Brand Awards. Today, the company has not only inspired spirituality among millions of Indians but has also enchanted the people from international borders.

Besides creating a pious and positive ambiance for its customers, Hari Darshan also takes important steps to perform its share of responsibility towards the society and actively engages in CSR activities by supporting various NGOs and charities