Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties is amongst the top developers in the country and believes in providing living and work spaces that foster imagination and better customer’s lives, through a deep understanding of their needs, tastes and preferences. The organization has built a solid tradition of trust and transparency by ensuring world class quality benchmarks, and by providing superior value.

The brand believes in being transparent, not only during every customer engagement but right until its homes or offices are handed over- a grand celebration for customers was recently held when 600 homes were delivered in its Godrej Prakriti project in Kolkata as promised.

Being a part of the Godrej group, the company ensures that all of its projects have green certifications, leading to a sustainable and ecofriendly lifestyle residents can enjoy and an improved ecosystem in the project’s vicinity. The brand and its projects also represents the aspiration of the new young India and all of the developments are conceptualized with futuristic thinking leading to contemporary and modern structures that define current customer aspirations.

Over the years Godrej Properties has won many consumer awards including that of being the most trusted real estate brand in India. Many of its projects have also won accolades for design and construction quality, not to mention consecutive awards won over the years for Best business practice and corporate governance.

In a competitive industry like real estate it’s very important to ensure that customers have a lot of faith in your product. A good marketing and communication strategy plays a vital role in helping an organization disseminate the right message to their respective target audiences. Godrej Properties believes in engaging with their customers when they are most receptive. By focusing on theatre, art, golf and polo Godrej Properties has been in a position to engage with customers on a one on one basis, and this has led to more engaging and fruitful relationships.

The brand has come up with a differentiated and friendly brand language which resonates with the aspirations of new India. By optimizing their online presence they ensure that their customers have a lot to look forward to via their website, which is one among few platform agnostic websites in the country today. The efforts undertaken by the brand have been well rewarded with their website being recognized among the top 3 in real estate sites in India. Godrej Properties has activated several consumer connect initiatives online including live chat for global buyers, galleries to showcase videos and pictures and 360 degree virtual tours so that customers get a feel for the property even before visiting. Various integrated efforts across different platforms and mediums have helped Godrej Properties in successfully reaching out to the varied segments that they cater to depending on their locations and product offerings.

At Godrej Properties, they infuse innovation and ensure each campaign resonates with brand codes which gives it enough buzz and creates awareness. The company has created a successful path-breaking corporate campaign which has won many awards. Several innovations have integrated media vehicles ranging from events to radio to online to social media. On the digital front they are first movers and have pioneered the use of iPad apps, a branded YouTube channel and Flicker platforms. Godrej Properties also has an award winning CRM set up thus ensuring that they build long term relationships with customers.