Hari Mohan Gupta

Hari Mohan Gupta

A life committed to illuminate 100s of others by spreading the light of education, performing selfless acts, providing exemplary leadership and following ethical business practices- these words aptly sum up the persona of Mr. Hari Mohan Gupta, Chairman of the prestigious Jagran Social Welfare Society, Bhopal.


Motivated by the vision of educating & empowering the children of the society & realizing multitudes of other social objectives, Mr. Gupta is assiduously dedicated to provide world-class education to masses at affordable cost. He also endeavors to build an equitable & fair society, with equal opportunities and better prospects for all. He aspires to provide wings to the dreams of young learners so that they can pursue their goals & achieve their dreams. The passion to contribute to the building of a new and modern India, reverberating with pride, enthusiasm, equality & contentment, has catalyzed Mr. Gupta to walk many extra miles and leading a selfless existence.

He believes that the future of the country lies in the tender hands of our children who will be the harbinger of change. Thus, he has established 3 Delhi Public Schools (Neelbad, Bhopal; Indore and Kolar Road, Bhopal); the acclaimed Jagran Institute of Communication & Management, Bhopal; the internationally renowned Leeds Met India – offshore campus of Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds, UK; and above all, the prestigious Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal, where best possible technology-driven teaching facilities can be found.


As a beacon of light for the deprived and marginalized children, he has endeavoured to include them, enable them and uplift them to compete and share similar platform with the privileged ones. Shiksha Kendras which are at par with other modern schools is a step in this direction. These academic institutes benefit the underprivileged students by providing them world-class education from Class I to XII, in an all encompassing system with freefee-ship, free books, free uniforms & free transportation facilities. This has resulted in 1000s of such students rubbing shoulders with the mainstream students in India & abroad. Moreover, in this process, with his prudent and prodigious vision, he has created a secured future for every youth.

As an entrepreneur, he has led his organizations and ventures with ingenious business sense & innovative spirit. His dynamism, optimism, steadfast belief in his team & prescience makes him a living legend & a true leader to emulate. He was honored as “Education Evangelist of India” in 2013, a testimony to the impact he has created on the society. He attributes his success to working selflessly, striving for excellence, keeping faith in God, & believing in “You are your only limit.”

He has received numerous personal and professional adulations & accolades, and has emerged as a mass leader. Humility and simplicity are the hallmarks of his personality which have accredited him to shine luminously as an epitome of goodness & selflessness.

Mr. Gupta’s Midas touch has nurtured the youth to flourish as literate human resource, capacitating them to be the agents of change.