Harsha Solanki

Harsha Solanki

Ms. Solanki is an alumna of the coveted Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune, where she pursued PGDM in Telecommunications and IT management. She received her bachelor’s degree in computer science from Fergusson College, which is known for producing renowned leaders of the country across sectors. The brilliant leader uses her expertise in both computer science and leadership to bring positive changes to the field of Application to Person (A2P) messaging space.


Ms. Solanki is a go-getter who knows how to pace her progress smartly to keep going without getting burnt out. She started her career as a marketing and sales manager in 2005 at a company named Starcorp, and has come a long way since then. After her first job, within only one year, Ms. Solanki had joined Smart Wireless Private Limited in 2006 as a Senior Manager of Marketing and Sales. Her final venture before Infobip was being the Country Head at Bsmart Tech. Right from the beginning of her journey, Ms. Solanki had slowly started working her way to the top.


Throughout her career, Ms. Solanki has proven herself to be an extremely capable individual. At Infobip, she has helped quadruple the turnover of the company in only four years. She is an assertive leader who leads with a vision. Her goal is to build Infobip as an engineering giant with the CPaaS infrastructure as its defining feature and an ever-evolving perspective. Right now, she is navigating the ins and outs of strengthening the core leadership at Infobip by channelizing the demand of the ‘New Normal’ into innovative services and solutions that can help enterprises and individuals communicate better. She, alongside her team, is working on developing innovative services and solutions that can help enterprises and individuals communicate better in these post-Covid times.

Under her administration, the telecommunications giant has launched three trailblazing SaaS products last year. These have the widest range of programmable channels including the omnichannel contact center solution ‘Conversations,’ customer engagement solution ‘Moments,’ and bot-building module ‘Answers.’ Despite her mega success, stellar results, and technical expertise, she understands the value of work-life balance and self-care. Especially after the pandemic, she has become an avid practitioner of yoga, meditation, and other heart-healthy practices like being a proud dog parent. She believes that the best way to good mental health and happiness is to spend time with your loved ones.


Ms. Solanki believes that the future of business communication is digital-first and empathy-led, and that companies will need to adopt a more holistic strategy in the post-pandemic period to create instant, personalised, and positive customer experiences. The company has been inventing at the cutting edge of technological possibilities under her guidance and is currently defining the global communications of the future. She is mentoring and leading the team by promoting trust, teamwork, and transparency, as well as fostering a collaborative work environment, all while employing an empathetic leadership approach.

The organisation is poised to achieve new and unimaginable heights thanks to her astute mind and ethical leadership values.