Himanshu Mohapatra

Himanshu Mohapatra

Armed with a Masters Degree in Commerce and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Himansu has a rich experience of around 2 decades spanning into Investment Banking, Portfolio Management, Private Equity, Real Estate Development, Strategic Management and Organizational Development.

His key fortes are investment evaluation, fund raising, deal structuring and negotiation, strategic tie-ups, setting up new ventures and executing exit strategies. He has worked with a sovereign wealth fund in Oman and other leading financial institutes in India in the past.

He was featured among 100 influential CEOs in Oman by Oman Economic Review (OER) Magazine in December 2020. He is inspired by the values of his late father and feels that his guidance has played a significant role in his success.


Himansu is of the view that by working diligently, with focus and passion, one is bound to achieve success. Having sown the seeds of hard work, he is reaping the fruits of success. As he puts it, “Currently, I lead investments, strategy and organizational development for Muscat Overseas Group, and manage various operating businesses under Al Tamman Investments. I count my achievements in successfully setting up and managing of seven new business verticals for the Group including Retail & Shopping malls business, Hospitality – F&B business, Education services & facilities, Entertainment business, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Healthcare services, and Technology business.”

He adds, “I play strategic role by holding directorship in companies including Oman Investment & Finance Co. SAOG, Muscat Thread Mills SAOG, Computer Stationery Industry SAOG, Al Sahab Al Zomardy SAOC, Deepak Oman LLC, Al Tamman Group Limited, MOG Holding Limited, English Education Management Company LLC, Modern Healthcare LLC, Drug Manufacturing Company LLC, and Oman Aquaculture Company LLC. I am also a member of the Executive Committee of Muscat Overseas Group of Companies. I am privileged to work for this group and take pride in the fact that we are in the forefront of economic development of Oman, creating employment opportunities and successfully participating in the wellbeing of the society.”

Talking about his leadership initiatives and business innovations, he elaborates, “Traditionally, Muscat Overseas Group was into trading, real estate businesses and local security investments and used to run as a typical family office. I joined the Group in late 2011, and with the blessings of our Chairman and Vice Chairman, I led the path of restructuring, diversifying and renovating the Group on various fronts. I started with devising a corporate structure and governance to the family office by constituting the board/executive committee; including setting up an independent internal audit department, legal department, organizational development department, and renovating the market perception with new logo and strong identity for the Group. During the process, I also diversified the group portfolio by adding new business verticals and investing globally in equity, fixed income and private equity portfolios.”


As a leader, Himansu believes in making a real difference. He excels at leading from the inside out. Describing himself as a leader and sharing the uniqueness about his leadership style, he says, “I am an optimistic person; I believe every situation has its own opportunity and positivity, only we need to have the right strategy to achieve it. I believe nothing is impossible, sometimes it might not be possible by current actions but definitely it will be achievable by adopting and changing parameters. I am quite determined in my action plans; I put my best efforts until I get success.”

He further adds, “I believe in shared vision and collective efforts. I pursue participative management, completely trust my team, delegate the responsibilities, and keep them accountable, at the same time I take the burden of any failure, so that the team has the freedom to work on new ideas and practices. We give chance to the people to experiment and yet support them to abort in right time any unsuccessful ventures and invigorate them for new assignments. I adopt continuous improvements policy, encourage betterment everyday whether in marketing strategy or in service innovation or new business practices; we always brainstorm for new avenues and ventures. I lead from front, inspire by example, walk the talk, accept the challenges and hold myself accountable for failure, and yet aspire for success. I treat my team as family – sharing responsibilities and giving them adequate comfort, respect and recognition.”

He is leaving no stone unturned in making the Group “a leader in the social infrastructure and services businesses by enabling new technologies and focusing on customer orientation.” He aims “to add value to people’s life and contribute actively towards social wellbeing and sustainable development that spur economic growth.”


Himansu is of the view that “CSR is the key for a successful and sustainable company” and feels that “it should be integral part of conducting business.” He asserts, “We are committed to provide smart and quality education facilities and services in different locations of the country as well as through eLearning platforms to build the future generation of the nation.”

Throwing light on the Group’s various social initiatives, he says, “We offer quality and specialised healthcare facilities, worship facility (Mosque) for the community, social and entertainment facilities for wellbeing of the people. Moreover, we create many employment opportunities for local as well as expat communities and groom them for being future ready. We also support SMEs by providing them with various business opportunities, and offer support to the weaker section of society.”

He concludes with satisfaction, “We have created many employment and business opportunities during this pandemic in spite of all the hurdles. I believe that we have quite actively contributed in sustaining, reviving and giving back to the society and economy at large.”