Horizon International Group

Horizon International Group

Operating across the Middle East and Asia, the Horizon International Group consistently delivers top tier services to burgeoning markets. Its dedication to innovation and excellence solidifies its position as a dynamic global player.

Under the sterling leadership of its CEO and Chairman, Mr. Hamed Ahmed Omar Salem Alkarbi, and Managing Director, Mr. Mahesh Patil, Horizon International Group, has established itself as a prominent industry player. As an ideal growth partner, the group prioritises cultivating robust connections with global and local entities. Its innovative business strategies have helped it bolster its subsidiaries across Asia and the Middle East. Today, it has a range of active subsidiaries, each excelling in specialised domains.


Backed by a high-calibre team of professionals, the Horizon International Group ensures precision, dependability, and efficacy in everything they do. Its seasoned consultants leverage their extensive experience and strong networks to adopt a top-notch, focused, and advisory methodology for every task. They empower their clients by discovering the right talent, thus, driving their clients’ business towards greater success. The clientele spans diverse sectors and sizes, including global giants and niche boutique establishments.


Amomg Horizon International Group‘s active subsidiaries is Horizon International Recruitment Services (HIRS), which has emerged as an expert in the domain of manpower supply, local HR services, and on-demand labour recruitment. With a remarkable legacy spanning over 30 years, the company has solidified its position as a pioneer in the recruitment industry. Today, it serves as an essential link between different countries and industries.

HIRS consists of a team of adept specialists who possess an unparalleled knack for identifying the most suitable candidates for roles demanding specialised professional skills. Its expertise lies in sourcing candidates across a spectrum of roles, from middle management to senior positions. It has also pioneered customised solutions to cater to the specific needs of clients, helping it build long-lasting relationships with associates. The company also plays an instrumental role in nurturing the professional growth of UAE nationals, thus, contributing significantly to their career progression. Additionally, HIRS offers high-quality training and consultancy services across sectors and organisational scales.

The Horizon International Group also has a prominent realty division called Horizon International Real Estate & Property Management. It provides exceptional customer service to assist homebuyers and sellers at every stage of their real estate endeavours. Its in-house team of analysts vigilantly monitors market dynamics such as volume, rates, supply, and demand to make well-informed choices. They also utilise a combination of quantitative and qualitative market research to gain a thorough comprehension of the competitive real estate environment, the balance between supply and demand, and the possible pricing for their housing projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Horizon International Trading, its trading arm, emerges as a frontrunner in general trade, import/export, and commodity distribution, with a client base in the GCC, Europe, Africa, Asia, and CIS countries.

Horizon International Oil & Gas Field Services specialises in upstream, midstream, and downstream activities and procures appropriate equipment for exploration, drilling, and production. It provides comprehensive solutions for recruitment throughout the entire project lifecycle. In addition, the group operates an accounting and tax firm that delivers top-notch part-time or full-time accounting services, and specialises in manufacturing perfume and eco-friendly products. In 2023, the group also established a new firm Horizon International Financial Consultancy.


In 2020, the Horizon International Group introduced HiresGulf, a cutting-edge web application designed to resonate with millennial job seekers. This high performance online job portal utilises avant-garde technology to ensure an unparalleled user experience across various devices, including web browsers, smartphones, and other mobile devices. The mobile application can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and App Gallery platforms.

HiresGulf consists of a candidate portal and an employer portal, along with a diverse range of features. With over 5,000 active job openings and more than 500 registered employers, the platform has established itself as a prominent player in the realm of online job portals. Its user-friendly dashboard caters to both employers and candidates, contributing to its status as the preferred choice among online job portals in the UAE. Furthermore, it offers the advantage of cost-free job posting and registration, which further enhances its appeal. Presently, major employers and recruitment agencies within the region rely on HiresGulf as a pivotal resource for
identifying talents.


To strengthen its global influence, Horizon International Group is extending its reach into key regions including the UK, Canada, and the Philippines. Simultaneously, the conglomerate is preparing to introduce fresh services catering to a wide-ranging market. The group’s strategic expansion strategy reflects its commitment to solidifying its international presence while diversifying its portfolio to meet evolving market demands.