Imposing Sanction On Taliban Will Be Counterproductive, Says China

Imposing Sanction On Taliban Will Be Counterproductive, Says China

On Tuesday, China’s foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that imposing sanctions on the Taliban in Afghanistan will prove counterproductive and has urged the international community to support chances for positive development in the country.

Wang Wenbin also said that Afghanistan is an independent and sovereign country and the United States and its allies should learn from the lessons of history. It reflects and acts prudently on issues related to Afghanistan. He further added that imposing sanctions and pressure at every turn cannot solve the problem and that it will only be counterproductive. Wang responded to the reports that said the world leaders meeting at the G7 could consider new sanctions on the Taliban.

He believed that they should not let the tragedy of individual countries making mistakes only to have Afghan people and the international community, especially regional countries, foot the bill, be repeated. The international community needs to encourage and help in promoting the development of the situation in Afghanistan in a positive direction. It should also support the peaceful reconstruction and improve the well-being of the people and also enhance its capacity for independent movement.

China has sought to maintain friendly ties with the Taliban who shares the border with Afghanistan. China has seized on the US pullback from the country to sharpen its criticism of Washington.