Incredible India Projects

Incredible India Projects

Every building or a structure that is built not only represents a developed property but proves to be the testimonial of our existence. It encapsulates the idea of security, beauty, strength and future. Understanding these ideas, the Real Estate Industry of India is on a spree to deliver the desired results and many infrastructural developments have come to the fore with their exceptional services.

Aspiring to be one of the well-renowned real estate developers of the country, Incredible India Projects Private Limited (IIPPL) has emerged in the market with its awe-inspiring projects that have stolen the limelight and has become one of the best real estate developers in the country. With a strong foundation laid by the esteemed visionary Mr. Praveen Kumar Nedungadi, this Real Estate development company embarked on its upward journey in the year 2007 under the Companies Act, 1956.


Encapsulating their mission in the words, “Opening new horizons, shaping a new world”, the Company has helped improve the standard of living. Paying attention to the demands of the Modern India, Incredible India Projects brings forth whole new developments that
have a strikingly elegant architecture coupled with latest amenities. These developments are not only the epitome of world-class quality but also come at the right cost.

IIPPL ensures that they achieve the excellence while holding true to their moral ethics and honesty. IIPPL creates masterpieces in the form of their residential as well as commercial developments. All the projects are developed at strategic locations offering amenities such as schools, hospitals, transportation means, etc. making them ideal and attractive. Further, the exceptional infrastructure, and continuous supply of water and electricity also enhance the value of their desired destinations. Its well-known projects are Sparrow Shore, Sparrow Shore Avenue, Wild Stone, Wild Stone Brob, Awesome Adda and TomorrowWorld.


“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progressing. Working together is success.” This quote by Henry Ford reflects the significance of a great team. It is only with the effort of an exceptional team that a company is able to outstretch itself in the market. And IIPPL is proud to have that. The company has an unwavering faith in its management strategies and owns a matchless team of highly-qualified professionals.

Incredible India Projects has a unique amalgamation of experience and innovation in the team. Each and every team member is equipped with extraordinary skills and strong passion in fulfilling the dreams of their customers. The company began with a team of just 12 people but due to their hard work and courage, they have grown into a huge team that always breaks its own records in terms of quality performance and team leadership. Interestingly, the company has assigned fantastic titles such as Royal, Tuskers, Shakthi, Marshal, Eagle, Avengers, Pruthvi, and Force to every team which makes them feel that they are on a mission to turn their customers’ dreams into reality.


Incredible India Projects understands that it is its responsibility to be instrumental in the growth of the nation. Therefore, the company takes active part in various initiatives and events that work towards the development and advancement of the society. The company has donated a huge amount towards the development of Yadagirigutta Temple. Some of the progressive steps taken by the company are book distribution programs, plantation programs, education awareness programs, and blood donation camps, etc.