Praveen Kumar Nedungadi

Praveen Kumar Nedungadi

In an era where most of the people are competing with each other to stay ahead in the race, there are very few individuals who actually follow ethical ways to win. These individuals not only think about their own profits but also understand the need to make headway together with the community they are living in. In every industry whether it is transportation, media or real estate, one is able to notice these dynamic and true personalities that take a step forward to improve the erstwhile conditions in their respective fields.

Ignited by the passion to transform the face of Indian Real Estate sector, Mr. Praveen Kumar Nedungadi, the Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Incredible India Projects Private Limited, has come to the fore as an industry veteran with his extraordinary management strategies and accomplishments he has achieved in the real estate industry of India.

Mr. Nedungadi ensures that every project excels in terms of the quality and standards. This perfection seeker maintains the project documentation, and technical and progress reports along with the responsibility of managing the sales and marketing programs.

After getting a postgraduate degree in M.Com. from Agra University, Mr. Nedungadi has accumulated an experience of almost 18 years in the industry.


During his past years, Mr. Nedungadi realized that the customers never receive the quality products and services at the right price from the real estate firms. As he was strongly against this practice, the idea of establishing his own firm clicked in his mind. Hence, he laid down the strong foundation of Incredible India Projects in the year 2007. The company embarked on its long journey with 25 acres but today it marks its name on more than 1,600 acres of land. For achievements like these, Mr. Nedungadi has dedicatedly targeted customersí satisfaction as one of the major driving factors in his profession.

Mr. Nedungadi goes along with values such as ëBeing Brilliant Togetherí, ëChallenging Everything ñ Delivering Excellenceí and ëMaximizing Potentialí with which he is able to steer the company towards the ìRealty Revolutionî. He has a crystal clear motto of ìquality and sustainable developmentî, which is the backbone of IIPPL. He wants to lay a strong foundation of trust through his world-class quality developments.

Talking about his best strategies, Mr. Nedungadi says, ìA satisfied customer is the best strategyî. It reflects his idea of keeping his customers at the top of his priority list. His immense belief in the customer centricity is also followed at his establishment very well.


Sharing his views, Mr. Nedungadi remarks, ìBe fearless as no one can stop your growth. Never think twice when it comes to contributing your share for the development of the society. Always be prepared with a well-thought plan, and make sure that you implement it properly and ethically.î His strong belief in the ethical and moral values has its roots in his admiration of the sacred scripture Bhagavad Gita.