India and the US Sign Logistics Exchange Pact

India and the US Sign Logistics Exchange Pact

India and the United States have recently signed a significant logistics defence agreement that will empower militaries of both the countries to utilize each others’ assets and bases to repair and replenish the supplies for making joint operations more efficient. Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar and the United States’ Defense Secretary Ashton Carter have signed the “Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement” (LEMOA) and have assured that it will facilitate opportunities for “practical engagement and exchange”.

The transparency was maintained about the fact that the reciprocal logistic support would be used exclusively during authorized port visits, joint exercises, joint training, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts. And, the logistics support for any other co-operative effort shall only be offered in a case-by-case basis through prior mutual consent of the parties, consistent with their respective laws, regulations, and policies.

This pact facilitates the provision of logistical support, supplies and services between the United States’ and Indian militaries on a reimbursable basis and offers a framework for governing them. This pact may include food, water, billeting, transportation, petroleum, oils, lubricants, clothing, medical services, spare parts and components, repair and maintenance services, training services, and other logistical items and services.

According to a joint statement after signing the pact both the countries agreed for this deal, because of the significance it will provide to facilitate innovative and advanced opportunities in defence technology and trade cooperation. Also, the United States has agreed to elevate defence trade and technology sharing with India to a level commensurate with its closest allies and partners. On the basis of this statement the defense ties among the two countries are based on their “shared values and interests,” and their “abiding commitment to global peace and security.”

Besides, during the meeting, Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter had a discussion regarding the “wealth of progress” in bilateral cooperation and deepening strategic partnership between the United States and India.