India Flight Tests Ballistic Missile Defence Interceptor AD-1

India Flight Tests Ballistic Missile Defence Interceptor AD-1

India on Wednesday successfully conducted the flight test of phase-II ballistic missile defence interceptor, AD-1 missile, off Odisha coast.

The AD-1 interceptor missile is one of the two interceptor missiles of the Defence Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) Phase 2 system. The second interceptor missile, AD-2, is still under development.

The AD-1 is a long-range interceptor missile designed for both “low exo-atmospheric” and “endo-atmospheric” interception of long-range ballistic missiles and aircraft. It would be able to intercept ballistic missiles with a range of around 3,000 kilometers. AD-2 will be able to handle higher-flying, longer-range missiles, and would likely be a pure exo-atmospheric interceptor. Together, both the missiles can bring down ballistic missiles up to a 5,000-kilometer range.

The newly tested missile is propelled by a two-stage solid motor, and equipped with indigenously-developed advanced control system, navigation and guidance algorithm to precisely guide the vehicle to the target. The Defence Ministry carried out its maiden test with participation of all BMD weapon system elements located at different geographical locations.

DRDO’s BMD Phase 2 can defend against missiles with ranges greater than 2,000 kilometers that can also deploy decoys or maneuvers.