Innovinc Aspire

Innovinc Aspire

With its specialization in constructing and maintaining roads and highways, Innovinc Aspire Infratech Solutions Private Limited has emerged as India’s most dynamic developer and toll infrastructure provider. The firm went through transilience to pioneer infrastructure development for the Government of India’s projects and specialized highways to EPC projects.


The company used the new-age road asset development and operation methods like Build Operate Transfer (BOT) (Toll) and BOT (Annuity) initially. It garnered immense success for the firm. In addition, with the introduction of the Toll-Operate Transfer (TOT) model, operational asset monetization approaches have recently gained popularity. The NHAI is looking into Infrastructure Investment Trusts (InvITs), TOT, and the securitization of toll revenue. TOT has already been deployed.

Innovinc Aspire Infratech also facilitates highway construction, project facilities, toll operations, road maintenance, toll construction, TMS and ATMS, and EPC Project Toll Collection Agencies. It effectively controls and manages the establishment of toll computerized system integration for efficient regulation of traffic management systems on highways. It also oversees the administration of truck weigh-in-motion and toll weighing systems.

In addition, the firm performs other significant tasks, such as administering smooth and swift work in toll payment operations, lane management services, and report and safety management services at toll plazas. It ensures highway maintenance with a highway asset management system and integrates public-sector decisions.


The firm strives to blend technology and construction aesthetics with an eye on providing the best road infrastructure and management systems for urban and rural environments. It is emerging as a trailblazer in the industry with a considerable experience of over 70 years and the implementation of contemporary methodologies, management techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting edge tools.

The company is led by passionate founders who aim to break the limitations and not be confined to any particular region. That is why they have been working consistently for mainstream better infrastructure, adopting safety solutions, promoting sustainability, and augmenting existing sources of finance for future generations. To attain this, the firm supports green initiatives and e-mobility.


Innovinc Aspire Infratech Solutions Private Limited has expanded its horizons by incorporating The Renewable Energy Solution Private Limited for a sustainable future. With an exceptional progress rate, it assembles, fabricates, and deals mainly in lithium-ion batteries and other solar energy systems. The organisation adheres to international quality standards (ISO 9001: 2015) and takes pride in achieving ISO certification for its companies.


Innovinc Aspire has plans to provide solutions for end-to-end infrastructure implementation and renewable energy resources by 2025. Additionally, it focuses on being at the forefront of the growth strategy of firms while staying updated with new developments in technology and innovations. With many completed and ongoing projects, it has established its footprints in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. It is now focusing on growing three times on average every year and constantly striving to improve its business in infrastructure and construction parameters to achieve it.