Alniche Life Sciences

Alniche Life Sciences

The Delhi-headquartered Alniche Lifesciences has syncopated the perfect balance of technological research and the strategically focused treatment to provide therapeutic measures. Alniche is escalating through the growth ladder with the pure zeal of experienced professionals to create specialized, high quality, effective, affordable, and value-for-money medicines and wellness products from around the world.

Started as a pioneer in nephrology, the company was founded by Mr. Girish Arora. He laid the foundation using the knowledge he gained while pursuing a post-graduate degree in management and his experience of more than 30 years in the Indian and global pharmaceutical industry. Girish’s observations have propelled the company into specialty therapy areas, allowing it to distinguish itself from other pharmaceutical companies.

Alniche Lifesciences operates on the principle of “attached to the ground and aiming for the sky.” The growth-for-all approach has brought cohesiveness to the company’s diverse teams working towards a noble goal.

Alniche Lifesciences has collaborated with the Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU), to promote the ‘Make in India’ initiative and encourage Indian researchers to come up with unique technologies and products.

This partnership between industry players and academicians has the potential to accelerate the development of new pharmaceutical products to fulfill the medical requirements in India and around the world.

Awards and Accolades

Alniche Lifesciences is set to be a memorable name as it is scaling new heights and achieving high growth. Alniche Lifesciences has been named one of India’s fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies.

Not only have their prestigious clients recognized their excellent marketing efforts, but renowned business journals in the United States (Silicon Review), the United Kingdom (B2B Tycoon), United Arab Emirates (Asia One),and India (Forbes India, Herald Global – BARC ASIA, Times Group, ET Health, Pharma Review, MSME – Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) have also acknowledged their achievements.

Alniche Lifesciences has received several awards and accolades, namely “Best Organization in Nephrology Drugs and Novel Formulations Award” by Business Sphere, New Delhi, India; “Healthcare Elite Award” by Business APAC, India; “Super 30 Companies Award” by the Silicon Review, New Jersey, U.S.A.; and “Noteworthy Biotech and Pharma Company” by Business APAC, India.

Marching towards a bright future

With India as its primary market, Alniche Lifesciences aspires to expand its geographical presence to key global markets. The company is the preferred partner of global healthcare organizations to launch their brands in India.

Alniche Lifesciences intends to boost profit margins and push top-line growth with this strategy by increasing sales operations for exports in semi-regulated markets.

To fuel its growth in the next decade, the organization focuses on five main areas: in-licensing global brands and unique domestic items to build a strong portfolio, increasing the effectiveness of specialty-focused marketing initiatives, building internal capabilities to handle organization’s expansion effectively, improving operational efficiencies for a higher return on investment, and using standard operating procedures (SOPs) to adopt and practice compliance.