ITL Cosmos Group

ITL Cosmos Group

The reason for ITL’s success is that instead of following the herd, Cosmos made it a policy to market and distribute only those brands that were already established in the market and were well-known. So it acquired sole distribution rights for brands that needed no introduction – Sharp, Konica Minolta, TDK, Rhythm, Remington, etc. Thus,

ITL Group has developed an outstanding network of over 500 authorized dealer outlets as well as Cosmos showrooms across UAE to market and distribute the products of well-established international brands.

Focusing on providing an extraordinary lifestyle to its consumers, Cosmos is committed to procure only those products which are the best in terms of technology and backup support. In these times of intense competition, earning the loyalty of customers is very important. Before marketing and distributing the wide range of products, Cosmos has built a huge storage facility. To meet the demand of its customers, it utilizes an enormous warehouse spanning an area of well over 100,000 sq. ft. Then, Cosmos puts to work its well-maintained fleet of vehicles to distribute these products to its extraordinary network of outlets and showrooms, distinctly identifying the representing brand and product. Thus, the whole chain and system of distribution is maintained in a perfect way.

Cosmos thrives on another ace up its sleeve: its after-sales service, which it takes seriously. It relies on two service centers with stateof-the-art equipment and Japanese trained technicians who are very well equipped to provide the best possible service to consumers.

ITL Group has experienced tremendous growth starting as a textile and trading company and transforming into an international business conglomerate. It is known today as the leading Group in the realm of trade, commerce and entrepreneurship in the Middle East. Dr. Ram Buxani’s role in the growth of the organization, in terms of resolve, conviction, vision and commitment are unparalleled.

The journey to the top isn’t easy. In its efforts towards great success, ITL takes special care of its employees, whom it prefers to call true heroes of the organization. It rightly boasts about some longest-serving employees in any organization with a possible lowest turnover rate in the industry, because of the value it puts on the contribution made by its team members.

An immensely successful journey of more than six decades was possible for ITL only because of the trust it has painstakingly built with the leaders of Dubai, its business associates and the customers. Moreover, the fulcrum of ITL’s story of success and achievement is the contribution of those people who left no stone unturned to drive the organization towards great success, matching the vision of the leadership.

An unwritten policy of ITL has been, since its inception, to traverse the future with its grasp firmly on the roots of the past. Consequently, ITL has emerged as one of the most diversified businesses in the Middle East, with interest and operations in international trade, regional distribution, manufacturing and personal banking.

It is also deeply involved with corporate social responsibility initiatives such as blood donation, save water, keep your city clean, safe driving, breast feeding and recycle waste drives.