L.D. Sharma

L.D. Sharma

Turning ‘Startup India’ into Reality

An MBA and a renowned pioneer in Affiliate Marketing across India, Mr. L. D. Sharma is the Founder, Managing Director and the CEO of Optimise Media Group in India. A great admirer of the ‘Startup India Program’ flagged by PM Narendra Modi, he has supported a large number of network businesses to promote digital marketing in India and abroad.

“he supervises and manages thousands of affiliate websites and voucher-coupons in more than 25 countries”

Foreseeing the immense potential of digital businesses and as an angel investor, Mr. Sharma founded Shoogloo Group and Simouri Group and invested large sums of capital in these companies. He also played a significant role in promoting a large number of digital
marketing enterprises, namely, Flinto Box, Brown tape, Poster Gully, Docs App, Omnify, Air Stream, and Tiny Surprise among others. By virtue of his exceptional hold on the digital technology business, Mr. Sharma has been a valuable board member in many Indian and UK-based companies. His zest and vision to train greenhorns in internet marketing are focused on amplifying the sales from affiliate marketing programs. Presently, Mr. Sharma supervises and manages thousands of affiliate websites and voucher-coupons in more than 25 countries. Courtesy his resolute entrepreneurial outlook, Optimise Media Group is ranked as India’s number one affiliate networks in terms of quality of service and reliability.

Making His Way To The Top

Hailing from a financially marginalised and middle-class family in a little-known village of Himachal Pradesh, Mr. Sharma is a self-made man who rose from the ashes like a phoenix and miraculously raised his socio-economic stature from a situation where his father was unable even to afford his academic expenses beyond class fifth. After serving in the Indian Army’s Corps of Engineers for six years, Mr. Sharma, entered the world of business by opening a trading company L & P Associates in 1998-99; this was followed by his own travel agency, Bhardwaj Travel Services. Floated in India by Mr. Sharma in 2007, Shoogloo Group for affiliate networking was setup in the UK and France with the purpose of providing top quality internet traffic services to clients in travel domain and use mobile and web-b ased platforms for customer engagement and incentivised schemes such as cash back offers and reward marketing. Mr. Sharma also partnered with the British billionaire businessman Mr. John Robert Porter of Sapphire to setup more than fifty plus affiliate portals which included well- known names such as Make My Trip, Yatra, FernsNPetals, etc. As one of the founders and directors of DGM India, and the affiliate marketing product supplier at the Sirmouri Group, Mr. Sharma also spearheads end-to-end digital services for prominent business organizations like Expedia, Ali Express, Amazon, Agoda and others.

Multitalented Personality

He is an active sportsperson who participates in every car rally. He is, at present, the President of football association of Sirmour and supports the team morally and financially. Besides being a canine lover, he has also been engaged in research on ’Universal Mind’ and Consciousness through deep meditation. He partakes in social endeavors quite actively. Recently, he organized a blood donation camp in Sirmour, his native district. In another event organized by him to honour martyr Rotam Lal, he contributed for the development of Rotam Lal Memorial Club.