K Srinivas Reddy

K Srinivas Reddy

Story of Dreams, Determination and Diligence

The setting of the story of K Srinivas Reddy is similar to that of some Indian films, where a boy from a very poor agricultural family, belonging to a small village, toils day & night, and finally becomes super successful, riding on nothing but a white heat of desire to realize his dreams

“taking all challenges in my stride, never losing hope, I fought tooth and nail to grow my

“Opportunities do not come often in today’s competitive world. One must make the best use of the available resources and stay focused, while improving productivity and strengthening one’s own self”

The village in K Srinivas Reddy’s story is Ramakrishnapuram in Hyderabad, and during those times the nearest school was eight km away. However, he never shied away from walking 16 km a day up and down barefoot to complete his studies. At the same time, he had to think about supporting his family, so he started a part-time business in pesticides,
where he dealt with farmers directly.

As not everything would be positive and predictable in such stories, K Srinivas Reddy’s story also had ups and downs. Though he finished his studies successfully, he ended up with a heavy loss in his business. He could not afford a loss like that, and to compensate it, he had to leave Ramakrishnapuram and go to Hyderabad in search of a job.

It took a lot of hardship and time as he kept on looking for a job, before he selected a real estate company and started working with an extraordinary desire to excel. A sincere
worker and a quick learner, he grasped the intricacies of the real estate industry in four years, and established his own company, Shathabdhi Townships Pvt Ltd.

Facing Challenges Head On

After launching his own company, he realized that his inner zeal to progress is not enough, and external factors also need to be taken care of. However, as life has taught him to face every challenge head on, his vision, excellent decision making and strategizing skills came to his help every time. He remembers, “Even after establishing my own company, the journey was tough! A severe recession set in and all software companies went down drastically. Also, the Telangana Movement was at its peak at that time and my business suffered for three years. Then, a sad thing happened, which shook all of us emotionally. The sudden and sad demise of then Chief Minister Shri Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy also impacted the entire real estate industry adversely, and overall it became an extremely trying time for people like me.”

He further elaborates, “However, taking all challenges in my stride, I never lost hope, and literally fighting tooth and nail to grow in my business, I kept encouraging my entire marketing team. I ensured that irrespective of business or no business, all of us should stick together, and I kept on fulfilling all their basic needs.”

K Srinivas Reddy’s hard work paid off, and he did not only earn better, he also garnered a rich experience in the real estate industry. He is passionate about growing himself in the industry, and simultaneously wishes to bring several changes for its better functioning. He feels that, “There should be transparency with the customers and also fool-proof government decisions with clear-cut guidelines. If I had absolute reformative powers, I would bring complete transparency in the real estate industry, and would develop it tremendously. I would also bring speedy revenue clearance from the concerned department, and prompt approvals for projects.”

Pinnacles of Success

Today, under his insightful leadership, Shathabdhi Townships Pvt Ltd has grown into one of the largest diversified real estate companies with a decade-long experience in the real estate sector. K Srinivas Reddy has also painstakingly developed the best team of real estate development professionals in his organization, who are dedicated to sincerely live up to the expectations of the buyers. Shathabdhi Townships Pvt Ltd has already completed six
projects in Shamshabad and Kothur areas, and has grown to the Number 1 position dealing with only government- approved plots like HMDA, DTCP with commitment, quality & timely execution. As a result of continued dedication of everyone at Shathabdhi Townships, it has created a dynamic team of 850 marketing professionals.

Looking back at the struggling period, K Srinivas Reddy recalls, “We had started with just 12 members in our marketing team in the year 2007. However, we all worked hard together and in merely four years’ time, we expanded our marketing team to 100 members, which was a turning point for us. Today, we have a team of 850.”

He shares further, “That was what was happening in business. At home, my family supported me completely and posed full trust in me without keeping too many expectations. It helped me a lot.”

Creating a robust team of 850 marketing professionals wasn’t easy, but K Srinivas Reddy’s approach to his employees and customers is unique, where he believes in creating relationships not business. He has focused since beginning on offering opportunities to youngsters, not only providing them an exciting career, where they can grow to any extent, but also taking care that they derive immense happiness from their jobs.

He explains, “We have more than 10,000 satisfied steemed customers, and associating with them we have created a win-win situation, where all of us are proud and happy! We have also concentrated on not only spreading individual happiness, but working for the entire society, which has enjoyed maximum benefits through our work and through our organization, as investing with us means an assurance of sound returns.”

Fulfilling Rising Aspirations of India

Focusing on offering finer experiences to his customers through his various projects, K Srinivas Reddy wishes to meet the rising aspirations of this emerging nation, while creating fresher and better benchmarks in improving the quality of life. His approach is very clear; everyone at Shathabdhi Townships strives to exceed the expectations of their customers, and through the spaces they have been building, they articulate their idea of a city designed to strike a fine balance between its structures and the communities that foster in them.

Under the insightful guidance of K Srinivas Reddy, Shathabdhi Townships has been endeavouring with powerful promises, meticulously chalking out its plans to ensure that its brand becomes synonymous with the highest standards in real estate quality – today, tomorrow and in the coming decades. It works by the philosophy of K Srinivas Reddy that successful real estate is about people: where they live; how they get to work; what they do when they get there; how they relate in their work environment to their partners, peers, and clients; and whether the workspace is efficient and effective at meeting the organization’s objectives.

Commitment, dedication and professionalism, being its core values, Shathabdhi Townships, through its ongoing and completed projects of Silver Springs, Vasudha, Sampada, Suvidha Grand, Vasudha Extension, Magadha, Shathabdhi Valley and Shathabdhi Valley Extension, has offered people extraordinary places to settle down with delightful designs, glorious living, and invigorating & innovative infrastructural amenities, completely fulfilling their expectations of reliability, confidence and trust.

Always One Step Ahead

As real estate business is highly competitive, K Srinivas Reddy always keeps one step ahead of his competitors through focused commitment and cent-percent customer satisfaction. He is also highly successful in his business, as he has always believed in implementing the right policies with clear-cut clarity.

Understanding that success is not easy, and though he could make it, there are a lot more like him out there, who also have been fighting daily their own battles, he shares his enlightening insights, “Opportunities do not come often in today’s competitive world. One must make the best use of the available resources, and stay focused, while improving the productivity of the company and the same time strengthening one’s own self.”