Lady Care

Lady Care


The bare-bodied sculptures, carvings and public art clearly depict that there was hardly any culture of innerwear in India. Lingerie and hosiery came to the country with British and their ways. Even then it was a part of elite life only and the products gained popularity among the masses slowly. The innerwear industry in India had just started to grow when Kim Sim Creations entered the market with its flagship brand Lady Care in 1987. The sector was highly unorganized and there were very few organized players offering services to women. The women’s innerwear was thought as a thing to be hidden and purchased discreetly. But the company made its bid and now with changes in the attires of today’s lady, the intimate apparel sector has boomed. And currently Lady Care is a prominent name in the market.

With growing number of working women, changing trends and awareness about better fits and material, the lingerie and hosiery market in India is growing at a large pace. The rising disposable income and level of information is giving a new dimension to the innerwear industry and Lady Care is all set to be the ace in the deck of many industry players with its products. Though there is great competition from international brands, the company is ready to face it headon. The brand offers designs at-par or better than the international industry and ensures better-fit with comfort at affordable prices without compromising with the quality; and thus is a trusted name in the market.


Innerwear earlier was considered only as undergarment but now it has been associated with fashion and class. Nowadays women experiment with new patterns, designs, colors, and styles as now lingerie is no longer just a basic necessity. Understanding the fact that intimate apparels are the most treasured piece of clothing for a woman, the brand keeps on indulging in advancement of designs to create better and more comfortable products. The company’s foothold in the market is the result of years of innovation it has given to the development of the product and the company is constantly improvising and evolving its production lines to suit the consumer’s needs. It is devoted to the inner goddess of every woman and is dedicated in creating the best to enhance that. The brand has been creating products catering to the special needs and requirements various customers have. The design, the material, the cut, the fit, and the feel; every inch of detailing is guaranteed regarding every aspect that delivers the best product.

Lady Care offers sports bras, panties, maternity panties and corsets to the market. The products offered are of international standard available at affordable prices with best quality. It has recently released a range of premium menstrual panties by the name of LADY CARE – 5 Days Hygiene Sanitary Panty.


India is one of the most attractive retail targets globally and its lingerie market is in developing phase. Right now it is valued over $2 billion and is estimated to grow at 13% by 2023. But there are some challenges too that the industry has to face as there is still a lot of discomfort surrounding the lingerie as a category in India.

However, there are endless opportunities for indigenous brands in the country as they understand the internal trends better. Lady Care is thriving to reach the top of this industry. And the amount of trust people have in this brand makes it a sure shot possibility that the name will become the king of the market.