Lance LED

Lance LED

Lance LED, a premier LED lighting maker, has been providing industry-leading solutions since 2011. Its Director, Mr. Dhaval Shah, started Lance LED after his graduation under the guidance of one of his close relatives – Mr. Sanjay Shah. Under his supervision, Dhaval learned the ropes of the trade and established his own company.

Lance LED is committed to efficiency, excellence, innovative product development, compliance with global standards, competitive pricing, and impeccable customer service. These attributes have made the company a trusted partner in the design and implementation of lighting solutions.

With a decade of experience in the industry, Lance LED has established a pan-India presence with a sizable customer base and a solid supply chain network. Its manufacturing facility is located in Ahmedabad, and products are available in seven Indian states, mainly the South and West states.

The organisation plans to expand its operations in the North and East states of the country.


The workspace lighting industry has undergone a major transformation in recent years, shifting towards more energy-efficient and personalised solutions. Lance LED is at the forefront of this shift. Today, it offers a diverse range of lighting solutions that prioritise technology, performance, and aesthetics to elevate the overall light experience.

Lance LED’s dedication to sustainability, technology advancements, and product development sets it apart from others and positions it as a leading player in the market. Its products are recognised by leading Indian corporate houses, global multinational companies, and top-rated consultants for their performance and reliability. The company is dedicated to illuminating workspaces and transforming the way we see and use them.


At Lance LED, lighting is seen as a tool for creating personalised, ambience rich spaces. The organisation provides integrated lighting solutions for all aspects of workspaces, using the latest LED technology for energy-efficient performance.

The company’s commitment to excellence shines through its continual product development and adherence to global standards. Endorsed by leading consultants, its products set the standard in efficacy and aesthetics.


Lance LED’s technical expertise and knowledge leadership drives them to stay ahead of industry trends and advancements. The company’s vision is not only about making profits, but also creating a brighter and more sustainable future for forthcoming generations.

As of 2020, the company has achieved significant energy savings by conserving 102264 KW of energy, reflecting its dedication to reducing environmental impact. With a strong belief that caring for the earth is not just a corporate social responsibility, but also a fundamental part of its values and identity, Lance LED is committed to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the industry.


In recognition of its exceptional work in the lighting industry, Lance LED has received several awards, including the Credit Suisse Award for the CS IT BDC Project Udaan and the Brand of the Year Award, as determined by Consumer Voted Research and Process Evaluators from WCRC. Its commitment to excellence and innovation is reflected in its product offerings, and its dedication to sustainability is illuminating a brighter future for all.