Lely’s, located in Rajkot, is the ultimate grooming hub that offers superior-quality grooming products at an affordable price. Manufactured with safe and certified ingredients, its range of personal grooming, hair care, skin care, and beauty products caters to all genders.

Lely’s, a leading beauty care brand in India, was established in July 2021 to strengthen the spirit of self-care and grooming. It’s a gender-inclusive brand that understands every individual’s uniqueness and need for self-expression.

A young and dynamic leader, Mr. Utsav Khakhkhar, the Chief Executive Officer at Lely’s, is making his business prosper by implementing modern cosmetics manufacturing technology, boosting client service standards, effectively training staff members, and employing cost engineering to lower project costs. Under Mr. Utsav Khakhkhar’s guidance,
Lely’s offers each consumer with innovative and science-based skincare and haircare solutions. The team works hard to develop and market an extensive line of cruelty-free cosmetics as per customers’ requirements. Using trusted shipping methods, its products are delivered to almost every zip code in the country.


Lely’s has established itself as one of the most trusted online stores for purchasing skincare and haircare range. It also offers skin care recommendations, hair maintenance tips, beauty tips, grooming ideas, and professional guidance through blog posts. The products include face washes, cleansers, lotions, as well as the recent and effective concern-based treatments, such as acne sensor gel. The company’s best-selling products
include serums for different skin types, anti-ageing effects, hair lotions, oils, shampoos, conditioners, among others. Customers can check the details of these products on its website, www.lelys.in.


When it comes to skin type and related care regime, every individual is different. That is why Lely’s team has created a product line that caters to all skin types. Its products are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and safe to use. Dermatologists have examined, tested, and approved all the products that are created using scientifically researched
and certified ingredients. These products are safe to use daily and provide the highest benefits. All of these products come in user-friendly and sophisticated packaging with clearly mentioned ingredients and instructions. With these quality products, Lely’s seeks
to instil confidence in its customers so they can express their inner beauty. With its beauty range, it inspires consumers to admire and love themselves.


Mr. Utsav Khakhkhar is regarded as one of the market’s most influential young leaders because of his extraordinary marketing skills and unique ideas. Under his expert direction, Lely’s received an honour for being the Most Pioneering Beauty Brand tested by Dermatologists in Former Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari presented Ms. Bhavini Khakhkhar, Founder of Lely’s, with the “Champion of Change Award” in She is also the happy recipient of the Indian Inspirational Woman Award 2021 for making Lely’s a top beauty brand. She also received the International Glory Award for Lely’s as the Most Promising Beauty Brand in 2021.


Lely’s CEO, Mr. Utsav Khakhkhar, hopes to establish the company as a leading name in the beauty industry through creative and cutting-edge ideas that will help the market perceive things from a new perspective. The team is dedicated to developing new methods to help the company reach a larger audience and increase revenues. It sets short and long-term goals for the company’s advancement, aiming for a future in which Lely’s is acknowledged as a top firm in the industry, continually establishing new benchmarks and innovating to meet customers’ specific requirements.