The Indian  Hotels Company Ltd

The Indian Hotels Company Ltd

IHCL was founded by the Architect of the Industrial and Modern India, Mr. Jamsetji Tata in the year 1899 to transform and uplift the Indian economy. To show India’s mettle in the field of tourism and hospitality to the western nations, IHCL founded the iconic Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai in the year 1903, which received worldwide applause. With strong business ethics and practices, IHCL has been serving its guests efficiently by offering a perfect blend of luxury and heritage.


From starting a century ago with a single property to being South Asia’s largest hospitality group with over 200+ properties of diverse significance and calibres, IHCL has brought the essence and warmth of Indian culture together with its top-notch services and facilities.

IHCL offers perfectly curated options for every stratum of the economy, such as SeleQtions – a handpicked portfolio of aesthetically pleasing hotels and resorts with a distinct character, especially for experiential travellers. The Vivanta brand, on the other hand, is a sophisticated yet competitively priced upscale Indian hotel chain for business and leisure. Similarly, Taj’s Ginger Hotels aim to serve clients in the affordable luxury segment.

Taj and its vivid brands have always been the epitome of Indian luxury and have set every possible benchmark in the hospitality industry ever since its inception. With 86 luxurious hotels in 54 locations and 12000+ lavish rooms and suites, every Taj Hotel is an icon in Indian culture. Taj’s brand name and iconic logo are enough to distinguish it from its contemporaries and reflect the status it has earned over the past century.

Offering exquisite fine-dining experiences, impeccable service and hospitality along with larger than life heritage and vintage properties taken over from the Royals and NIzams of the country, IHCL allows its guests to relive the history and experience the royal culture of India.


Following the footsteps of Mr. Tata, IHCL looks after every part and aspect of the company. It has been actively taking part in corporate social responsibility (CSR), as well as the welfare of the employees and associated agencies.

IHCL, through its CSR activities, enables its stakeholders to follow sustainable business practices, and optimize the use of resources including energy, water, plastics, and other biodegradables.

Additionally, to let guests experience the best of nature and luxury, IHCL focuses on reducing carbon footprint through its afforestation programs, coral reef restoration programme, and the use of eco-friendly indigenous materials.

IHCL is also among the leaders in corporate social responsibility. With over 4000 volunteers contributing over 10,000 hours in social activities, IHCL is pioneering the concept of CSR in the hospitality industry. It has been taking up several noble initiatives, such as skilling India’s less privileged youth for the betterment of society and spreading awareness among the general public on social and economic issues. It also undertakes training sessions, besides carrying out various community welfare and development programs.