Little Nap

Little Nap

From a lazy youngster to an oldaged grandfather, recliners are gaining fame amongst the modern Indian families. An idea of creating most relaxing recliners has today taken the shape of one of India’s largest recliner manufacturing company, the “Little Nap Designs Pvt. Ltd.”

The product range will not only add panache to your household furniture but is one solution for all your mild body pains. Along with the relief of putting your feet up, recliners have many add-on health benefits like improving blood circulation, relieving back pain, easeing muscle stress, etc.


Let’s think ahead of those boring black and brown hefty recliner chairs to sleek, vibrant and tasteful pieces of furniture, let’s think Little Nap. When the industry was pitching black and brown recliners to consumers all around the region, they came up with a wide colour palette of 300+ colours and that’s what they call as innovation. It is an on-going process at Little NAP and with the help of there Research and Development team they are able to be the trend-setter instead of a mere trend follower.

A majority of people deal with regular stiffness and pain. Sometimes while sitting for long hours, blood gets collected around the legs and the feet which prove to be a hindrance in the blood circulation further causing swelling in feet and clogging in veins. The additional length of the recliners comforts your legs and the appropriate height corrects the blood circulation in the body. Thus, having a recliner at home has travelled its way from being a luxury to a necessity.

Little Nap products are said to be the little heavenly moments that separate you from all the chaos and strains of life to give you pure tranquillity. They fill your senses with the ultimate calmness and contentment, taking you to an imaginary land of ultimate calmness. At Little Nap, they create the vehicles that take you to this fantasy land, the most comfortable way. The brand is walking steadily towards perfection standing strong on three pillars of Integrity, Passion for Excellence and Adaptability.


To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Following the simple yet effective value, the pool of talents persistently works on improving our quality by finding innovative ways to enhance lives and serve the globe with perfection.

The commitment is to combine maximum functionality with optimal quality which makes the brand distinctive from their competitors, and Little Nap highly strive for it. Keeping a regular quality check on the brand products, the officials ensure that customers get best-inclass quality recliners wrapped up in attractive designs. With their strategically placed factory in Delhi, they welcome the customers to come and see the passion through which they create the masterpieces known as recliners.


Little Nap’s work force consists of very best from the field of designing, engineering, marketing, and planning that have the potential to craft the best of the recliners. This team of young blood has the new and fresh outlook that leads them to innovative surprising possibilities in a lounger. As the passion of this hand-picked lot drives them to work hard, their unique approaches drive them to create great products.