Lulu Group International

Lulu Group International

Lulu Group a highly acclaimed retail conglomerate with a workforce of more than 50,000 employees that operates in 22 countries located across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United States. It also has a big chain of retail stores in the UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, Malaysia, and Indonesia with distribution networks located in India, the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and the Philippines.

This Abu-Dhabi-based group has been persistently exploring emerging marketing opportunities and has a Planning and Development Division to accurately analyse precise and reliable market feedback before approving a new project in the pipeline.


Lulu group decides on the choice of location, layout, and furnishing of a new store in a particular area only after performing a strong analysis of the demographic and psychographic profiles of the customers residing in that area. This practice enables the group to launch its stores according to customer preferences and expectations, thus paving the way to achieve success in its business outcomes.

The group is cautious enough to ensure that each segment of its business venture coordinates with other segments and complements them perfectly to facilitate the delivery of efficient and cost- effective business solutions.


The group leverages innovative technology to cater to its employees, partners, and customers. It has an advanced warehouse management system, as well as ultramodern logistics facilities in different countries that enable it to effortlessly integrate multi- level functions and real-time decision-making to maintain an optimum level of inventory on regular basis. Lulu Group’s large fleet of advanced delivery vehicles helps it manage the stock position in its huge network of retail stores across the region efficiently.


In order to meet the fast changing requirements of the market, the LuLu Group is consistently expanding and evolving its human resources to provide an encouraging and participatory workplace culture. To overcome different barriers of ethnicity and language, its team of experts shares one work culture, one vision and one commitment to cater to its huge client base.

The multi-cultural staff offers this highly diversified entity an advantage in understanding the requirements of the diverse customer community, thus, enabling the LuLu Group to establish a closer bond of trust with its customers.

It continuously evolves its well-structured training modules to ensure that the skills of its staff are persistently honed to meet the ever-evolving industry requirements.

LuLu Group’s pioneering efforts in providing an outstanding shopping experience to its customers are playing a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and customer loyalty across its business segments.