Meinhardt Group Singapore

Meinhardt Group Singapore

Combining a onestop approach with a can-do attitude and implementing it in more than forty offices worldwide, Meinhardt Group provides timely and cost-effective engineering consulting capabilities in civil and infrastructure, planning and urban development, structural engineering, mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering, project management, water and environment. The specialist capabilities of the company range from façade engineering, environmentally sustainable designs, fire performance engineering, integrated design management to specialist lighting and mission critical facility design. The group operates in a wide range of sectors encompassing water and wastewater, sports facilities, retail malls, residential, public and government buildings, project management, power and energy, ports and marine, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, office buildings, mixed use, mission critical, master planning and infrastructure design, logistics, industrial and manufacturing, hospitality, economic and feasibility studies, defence, civil and infrastructure, business, technology park and smart cities.


The company was started by a visionary Bill Meinhardt as an engineering consultancy in Melbourne. His foresight and entrepreneurial skills helped the company expand well beyond the confines of Australia. Established in 1973, Singapore was the first overseas office of the company as a joint venture with Bylander Waddell from the UK. Because of the perseverance of the Bylander-Meinhardt partnership, Meinhardt made rapid strides globally. Being of Australian heritage coupled with its presence in Singapore, it facilitated easy access to both the East and West, thereby helping the company gain a competitive foothold in the Asia Pacific.

Working with an innovative and enquiring approach, the company provides a work culture where initiatives are encouraged and excellence is rewarded. Equipped with new breakthrough engineering technology solutions, the company is able to transform the landscape of regions worldwide, thereby creating magnificent, tall and iconic structures.

Tailored to the customers’ specifications, the projects completed by Meinhardt have earned unparalleled worldwide recognition and won many awards, thereby affirming its unrivalled reputation for innovative and inspiring engineering solutions. In the last five years, the company has received more than 350+ awards globally.

In October 2018, Meinhardt Singapore hasbeen awarded with “Asia’s Most Influential Company” under the Leadership/Enterprise category at the prestigious Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) 2018.

A technology-driven engineering company with a strong global network, Meinhardt continues with unwavering dedication to deliver highly innovative and unique solutions to its loyal clients throughout the world.