Sajjan India, situated in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, is a premier contract development and manufacturing organisation that specialises in the large-scale production of a range of active ingredients and chemicals. It is committed to meeting clients’ demands to the best of its ability in this dynamic and ever-changing environment.

Manufacturing dyes and pigments for textiles for export by intermediates marked Sajjan India’s entry into the chemical industry in 1983. The business has since grown
tremendously through diversification and focus on long-term partnerships with the customers. It is consistently invested in building new capacities to meet the growing needs of the customers. Aside from excellent sourcing and cost-effective manufacturing, its ‘lean management structure’ enables swift decision-making and customer responsiveness.

Sajjan India’s technological staff can do proof-of-concept testing for technology packages or design new cost- effective processes promptly. The in- house engineering team also facilitates smooth and quick scale up from pilot to commercialisation and enables smooth campaign changeover. Its adaptable production set-up and excellent skills enable the company to quickly and cheaply market novel goods through multi-step chemical synthesis. It has a history of being the client’s preferred partner due to its commitment to strict and changing quality requirements, flexibility in scaling up capacity, and on-time delivery.

One of the most well-known chemical brands with clients in over 35 countries, including the world’s top 10 chemical companies, Sajjan India welcomes the opportunity to work with everyone, prospective clients, business partners, or employees, as a “lifetime trusted partner.”


The firm specialises in the large- scale manufacturing of complicated compounds. Crop protection is its primary market. Its core products include active components such as fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and nematicides, and its facilities produce these products on a large scale. The firm also makes specialty chemicals and intermediates for agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, and pigments. Through cost-effective production, continuous improvement, and on-time delivery, it has proved its success in performing synthesis comprising numerous steps and complex chemistries. Its primary skill is handling various solvents and reagents commercially and performing reactions under varying pressure and temperature ranges. It also has decades of experience in making materials and building blocks for the pharmaceutical sector worldwide.


The Sajjan India team endeavours to meet the high standards of the market and exemplify the “trust” principle, where “trust” denotes thinking better, simpler, and bolder, responding with agility, considering customers and themselves as one team, and taking complete accountability for results. New ideas and approaches that benefit the firm are welcomed, and employees are enabled to reach their full potential.


Sajjan India, as a responsible manufacturer, aims at reducing the resources it uses and the waste it generates. It has reduced waste to landfills for a major part of its operations while adhering to the zero waste-to- landfill aspirations. Water neutrality is a critical initiative that focuses on a reduce, reuse and recycle approach. It has achieved significant recyclability in its operations in the past 12 months. Shifting to cleaner and renewable energy boilers are part of its environmental quest.

The company abides by governmental regulations and directives on protecting the environment and human resources. Its green chemistry approach to sustainable development has led to environmentally sound initiatives. The focus is on renewable energy sources. Hence, the carbon footprint mapping has been completed to have a clear strategy for its carbon neutrality aspirations in its operations.