Manas Mehrotra
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Manas Mehrotra

“Under Manas Mehrotra’s insightful guidance, the NestaVera Group of Companies has diversified into various businesses geographically with its presence in Southeast Asia and the Middle East”


A qualified member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, a Law graduate, an MBA (Entrepreneurship) from Babson College (USA), Manas Mehrotra drives his workforce with a strong emphasis on inculcating faith and building long-term strategic relationships with both clients and employees, playing a pivotal role in the success of NestaVera Group of Companies


An ever-passionate individual about education, Manas Mehrotra – Managing Director of NestaVera Group of Companies – follows a unique approach to education, which leads to newer heights of excellence in moulding the young minds of tomorrow. He believes that education is a dedicated service, hence focus and involvement are extremely necessary and crucial, as knowledge is limitless.
Under his insightful guidance, the Group has diversified into various businesses geographically with its presence in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
His dynamic leadership has also played a pivotal role in the success of Greenwood High School, which has grown many folds year-on-year, since he has been given a command.
Holding great passion for education himself, under his constant guidance and strategic direction, the School has won more than 9 national Awards in excellence in the last 3 years. As he is a strong believer of having a balanced team that strives for excellence, he has proudly and consistently endeavoured to impart valuable education.


Manas’ vision is rooted in the core belief that the only thing constant in this dynamic business era is Change, and thus he has implemented an ongoing process of Brainstorming, Innovation, and Adaption to change in the heart of his organisation.
Mr. Manas’ leadership qualities were evident quite early in his life, and soon he emerged as an entrepreneur par excellence, with a vision for the betterment of the society.
His philosophy and approach has enabled Greenwood High School to reach newer heights of achievement as he desires to contribute towards nation building by transforming the youth of today into global leaders of tomorrow.
He thus offers through his institutions, quality education with a proper blend of traditional values with the best of modern-day technology.


As Nesta means Pure and Vera means Faith, Manas is quite transparent in his intent of offering the best of services through his Group. Additionally, the Goose in his company’s logo represents the symbolic attributes of loyalty, teamwork, confidence, protection, determination, courage, inspiration, guidance and stability, along with its ability to soar to greater heights, which are also the qualities he believes in and follows in his organization.
Through his consortium of diverse companies under the NestaVera Group, Manas seeks business utility and profitability with the motive to minimise risks and maximise returns and value in today’s modern dynamic business conditions, and further seeks to construct and promote a platform through which he can distinguish and nurture passion for business, innovation and entrepreneurship in a way that leads to emergence of productive and valuable organisations.
A man of various interests and responsibilities, Manas is also a member of companies which are in the field of embedded product design, engineering services and international trading, and has achieved various milestones in his several roles.
Displaying an acute sense of foresightedness in his investments, Manas has also been an investor in the real estate since the early start of his career, and has worked with great acumen in building his career in that particular field. His portfolio consists of various commercial and residential projects across the country.