Tapasya Goel
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Tapasya Goel

Women have always come up with something spectacular whenever they have got an opportunity and Tapasya Goel is one of those names, who has brought a radical change in the agro-business development. Her achievements have become the path to success for this industry, and her contributions to HPM, as the Executive Director, are always cherished


As the Executive Director of HPM, Tapasya Goel has indeed proved the critics wrong. Ever since her childhood, she has been a hard worker. She was very attentive in her studies which helped her build a strong educational foundation. From a very early age, Tapasya Goel had had an interest for agro-business development. It was her passion for this sector that helped her to come up with unique agro-solutions. Moreover, she has this amazing heart for farmers.

Being an Agro-analyst is not easy. You have to get down to the base level and listen to the problems of the farmers if you want to come up with the right kind of solution. This was accomplished with finesse by Tapasya Goel. She always enjoyed working with farmers and this was a huge turning point in her career. In fact, it was her modesty in her work that led HRM to gain such a huge recognition both in India and also all across the world. It is her relentless effort in understanding agrochemicals that has helped HPM acquire a massive customer base.


Truth be told, she has set global records in customer acquisition and that is really a commendable achievement. Not only for customer acquisition, Tapasya Goel has to be credited for introducing the latest manufacturing facilities that involve state- of-the-art technologies. This has increased the manufacturing capacities of HPM to about 9 thousand tonnes per year which previously were limited to just a thousand tonnes a year. That’s a whopping 9 times increase in the productivity.

As a human being, Tapasya Goel is simply unmatched. She has singlehandedly made a difference to the lives of 20 villages and the farmers that live in those villages. India has thousands of farmers who are not able to grow because of their inability to get modern technologies. This is where Tapasya Goel has come and made a difference. She has fulfilled the dreams of a number of farmers till now and those living in the 20 villages are blessed to have found someone like her. Her idea of inclusive development has been the root of success for the many farmers that she has worked with. Her desire to give these farmers a better life has been possible because of her uncompromising efforts to get the best agro-solutions at an affordable price.


Apart from her accolades in the agrochemicals industry, she also has done a great deal for “Girl’s Adoption CSR”. This was her attempt to provide proper lives to orphans in SOS Children’s Villages of India (Bawana, Delhi). She also went on to adopt 9 girls and took the responsibility of their education so that they could fulfill their dreams.

Tapasya Goel believes in total teamwork. Her commitment to keeping HPM as the corporate leader in agrochemicals is being fulfilled together by her entire team. She, being at the helm of the ship, strives for continuous improvement every single day. Her values towards the farmers and agrochemicals as a whole have made her a complete person in this field. Tapasya Goel’s honesty and dedication have made her what she is today. Her leadership skills are unique and that is why her strategic planning for any project comes off really well. There is no doubt that HPM is in good hands.

Not only for customer acquisition, Tapasya Goel has to be credited for introducing the latest manufacturing facilities in HPM, which involve state-of-the-art technologies