Md. Ramzanul Haque Nihad

Md. Ramzanul Haque Nihad

Armed with a graduation degree in Commerce, Nihad has efficiently shouldered multiple roles in his company. With new additions such as the Amin Mohammad Construction Limited, he is already planning to work in collaboration with the government bodies like the Local Government and Rural Development (LDRD), Local Government Engineering Development (LGED), and many more.


Nihad has had a practical and clear approach towards business matters. His clarity of vision and strong skill set helps him implement his strategies immaculately. He welcomes good ideas from all corners and has been successful in resolving challenges quickly. With his abilities such as taking a firm stand in dire situations and an innovative insight, he has been steering the organisation through the various tides of challenges.

He has held his ground when he had just assumed his role in the company and was very young in the business. His knowledge and hard work has helped the company sail through rough times even when his involvement in the company was limited. With an increased growth of 40% in performance of the company, Nihad had proved that he had arrived.


Nihad has always looked into the interests of his employees and has been gladly awarding the deserving employees to encourage a better and greater participation. He believes that happy employees are much better at providing great service to clients and therefore, Nihad values his employees as much as he values his customers. He takes a comprehensive approach to employees’ welfare and focuses on healthcare, work-life balance. Timely appraisals and awards make Amin Mohammad Group a comfortable workplace for all its employees. This standpoint speaks volumes about Mr. Nihad’s personality and his great leadership skills. The very thought of maintaining excellence and providing the best services has been the guiding force for Nihad and his teams.


Nihad is very much aware and concerned about the alarming levels of global warming, the dangers of which are already taking shape and posing the risk of extinction for many animals worldwide. Thus, he has taken an eco-constructive step to build an environment-friendly satellite city – ‘The Valley.’

Nihad and his group are very closely involved in the humanitarian activities as they believe in supporting the society to the fullest. Having built a Madrasa where over 2000 children receive food and education, he has also extended healthcare facilities like providing free eye treatment for the needy. Further, 4000 underprivileged and homeless people are provided with free meals. Their work in this area has been an inspiration for many corporate organisations and businesspersons. Besides, sport events like Golf, Cricket and Chess are also sponsored by the company