Mother’s Public School

Mother’s Public School

Mother’s Public School was established in 1992. It had humble beginnings with one classroom added each year and an investment of INR 30,000. The co-ed school affiliated with CBSE has carved a niche in Odisha’s education sector over the years. Currently, it employs over 200 teachers and has 3500+ students. Mother’s Public School currently operates 6 schools in Odisha – 4 in Bhubaneswar and 1 each in Puri and Rourkela.

Basically, it plans to open schools in smaller towns so that excellent education can be provided even at remote corners of the nation. Currently, it provides integrated coaching facilities for engineering and medical students and plans to include law and CPT coaching in near future.


Mother’s Public School is known for its unique approach to nurturing young minds. Its mission is to foster a career oriented education enriched with skills and moral values. Students at the school are naturally encouraged by the mentor’s compassion and understanding and their lessons of discipline. The school firmly holds that inculcating the sense of responsibility among students is more effective than adopting punitive measures for bringing about behavioural changes.

The school takes every possible measure to make the students well groomed and future-ready. Consequently, parents’ interest in the school has grown across the state for its ability to prepare children for life’s challenges.


Mother’s Public School realises that every child comes with their own unique characteristics. Therefore, students at the school are given the opportunity to develop well-rounded skills based on their unique personalities. The school provides each student with adequate support and guidance so that they can develop their potential to the fullest.


Since its inception, Mother’s Public School has been shining the spotlight on children’s expanding range of abilities just as it does on academic proficiency. It introduces sports training to its students in the early years, continuing until the senior secondary levels. Likewise, it emphasises upon yoga, cycling, running, and NCC to keep students physically fit.

Mother’s Public School also encourages its students to engage in marathons to raise awareness for humanitarian causes, as such selfless activities help mould youngsters into responsible and compassionate human beings. Students are also exposed to group discussions, debates, speeches, and news reading activities as part of the curriculum to help them learn how to speak their minds. Additionally, fun activities, such as poster making and art-related competitions, form an integral part of the curriculum to foster creativity in the classroom. To integrate game mechanics into the learning process, spell-a-thons and quizzing are also organised regularly. Also, the students enthusiastically represent their school in various quiz contests and win major trophies every year.


The school embraced online education only a few days after the COVID-19 pandemic struck India. During the outbreak of the pandemic, the management realised that online classes would be the only way to proceed and both teachers and students exhibited tremendous patience during the process. The school made the best possible effort to ensure a seamless online learning experience with a well planned schedule of assignments, tests, and parent-teacher exchanges.

Keeping its mission and vision in mind, Mother’s Public School is doing the noble task of merging all sects of society into one literate world.