COINOVY started its services in Estonia and is now available in countries such as the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and India. Furthermore, the company is on its way to obtaining more crypto licenses in countries that are ready to accept and regulate crypto currencies.

A futuristic app, COINOVY is the brainchild of Mr. Saitej, the CEO and the developer of DLT Labz.

A dedicated technologist and successful start-up executive, Mr. Saitej has eight years of experience in digital product management, engineering, and marketing. With considerable experience in a variety of online and offline approaches from diverse backgrounds, he brainstormed with his team, which led to COINOVY.

The digital finance application is a reliable crypto payment wallet and payment processing app focusing on liquidity and security. It provides users the ability to move digital value in any way they wish, whether using crypto or traditional methods, in an open, secure and uncomplicated environment.

Mr. Saitej, too, has gigantic aspirations for COINOVY, and aims to make it the world’s best crypto-to-fiat (C2F) service provider and pushing digital finance forward.


COINOVY is a multi-functional crypto currency wallet that attempts to make crypto currencies more accessible to all and sundry.

This platform seeks to ease the resistance for everyone involved in buying, selling, storing, trading, insuring, shopping and withdrawing crypto currency with its user-friendly interface. It makes crypto transactions as easy for newcomers as it is for seasoned users.

COINOVY facilitates seamless financial transfers by bridging the gap between transferring traditional money and digital assets. It supports a decent range of digital assets, including BTC, ETH and LTC, eliminating the need for users to keep their assets in numerous wallets.

What catches the eye is the COINOVY’s ability to effectuate C2F transactions. Users may easily transfer their crypto assets from their COINOVY wallet to a global MasterCard debit card and spend anywhere. This debit card can also be linked to Apple Pay, making crypto purchases even more convenient.


Aside from being a crypto wallet, COINOVY is a crypto exchange with over 100 exchange pairings and global liquidity from six major suppliers, allowing users to effortlessly swap their preferred tokens. Users can transfer their tokens and change them into any currency they want using COINOVY wallets.

More than 19 currencies are supported by the wallet. Users of COINOVY are also given an International Bank Account Number (IBAN), which allows them to send money to over 150 countries around the world.

COINOVY has collaborated with BitGo to insure and pay users in the event of a security breach to fund security.

Crypto Shop, a distinct feature of the app, allows users to liquidate their holdings under 60 seconds without relying on crypto exchanges, peer-to-peer exchanges, or over-the-counter (OTC) transactions.

A valuable mix of technology, exchangeability, wallet solutions and C2F transactions, it offers eight more bonus features.

The young founders of COINOVY believe that the benefits of crypto currencies should not be confined to any particular section of people; that is why they have been working consistently for the mainstream adoption of this ground breaking app.