Vikram Nagaich

Vikram Nagaich

Mr. Nagaich, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur (one of the most prestigious technical institutes in the country), began his professional journey in 2001. He has a rich and varied work experience of over 18 years across diverse streams in the education and technology sectors. For almost 9 years, Mr. Nagaich played a pivotal role in developing and designing software. It was then that he realized his passion for education could be fueled by his technical expertise and entrepreneurial acumen. Thus, he began a passionate journey into the field of education. He started his first venture, Innovate Edu in 2009, which was designed to enhance the teaching and learning experience in engineering colleges in India. He developed a cloudbased, technology-enabled classroom that aided online lectures with highend 2D and 3D multimedia animations. He multi-managed product design, development and sales as well as marketing at Innovate Edu. Three years later, he shifted his focus to transform K-8 education.


Learning System (Now known as E-DAC Digital) was founded in 2016. Over a period of 5 years, it’s scientifically designed and structured curriculum enhanced the teaching and learning experience across 1,400 schools, touching the lives of 500,000+ children and aiding the teaching process of 40,000+ teachers. E-DAC Learning also uses the E-DAC Analytics System and E-DAC Parent Growth Initiatives. Mr. Nagaich also introduced the first ever Customized Experiential Implementation Road Map and The National iTeach Contest. It’s pioneer work in K8 Education led to being awarded as “Fastest Growing K8 Curriculum Company” at Global Educators Fest.


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented an unprecedented challenge to the education sector. Mr. Nagaich invested his expertise and rose to the challenge by transforming E-DAC with the launch of E-DAC Digital, a cloud-based e-School. Now described as the ‘brick school with a click-enabling affordable education for all students,’ the e-school helps teachers with all resources to initiate a superior online teaching experience in just 60 minutes. E-DAC Digital is creating safe, engaging and exciting online learning experience for students, which helps them develop conceptual clarity, application and problem-solving skills. Mr. Nagaich and his dedicated team have empowered schools to continue quality teaching – learning processes in pure online, hybrid mode or pure classroom mode, as per the situation and requirement of the time. The focus is on giving children the opportunity to learn through their environment, express themselves and continue to enhance their life skills in these tough times. The E-DAC Digital Summer Programme ‘Learning Safari’ has created a buzz with thousands of enthusiastic students across the country participating and showcasing their creative skills. Online teaching has also been enhanced by platforms like ‘Powerclass’ and ‘Teacher Skills Enhancement Programs.’


The education ecosphere has been greatly enriched by the expertise, vision and transformational initiatives of Mr. Nagaich. His journey of redefining the learning structure to bring out the inherent potential in each child and teacher is appreciable. His efforts have been acknowledged and E-DAC Digital was awarded with ‘Most Promising e-School Platform’ in 2021.