Shafiqul Alam Jewel

Shafiqul Alam Jewel


Mr. Shafiqul Alam’s one-of-a-kind combination of dynamism and expertise deserves full credit for his consistently outstanding performance. He is determined to strive for excellence. When Mr. Alam began working for the Chittagong Port Authority as a stevedore, he noticed that the cargo pattern changed frequently. He also observed the recurrent use of novel handling techniques. This gave him the idea to launch a logistics services company.

With sheer tenacity and foresightedness, Mr. Alam made his company AMMS Logistics work on all shipping-related matters to the complete satisfaction of its clients, both domestically and internationally.


Mr. Alam envisions being Bangladesh’s top shipping service provider. He strives to provide fair value to customers, create rewarding careers for employees, and earn a profit that corresponds with the value his company provides. The visionary leader also wishes that his business be run like a family that cares for its workers and upholds moral principles and integrity. His mission is to deliver dependable, timely, and responsive maritime and shipping services throughout Bangladesh that meet his client’s needs. Moreover, he wants to establish long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with the stakeholders, including clients, staff, suppliers, and port authorities.

Mr. Alam conducts his entire business following social responsibility and global industry standards. His philosophy is to earn clients’ trust by embracing two-way communication and transparency in work. Furthermore, he constantly looks for new ways to improve his services to make them more contemporary and pragmatic while remaining cost-effective.


Mr. Alam keeps a close eye on all business activities; he thoroughly monitors the critical activities for fine-tuning and innovating new requirements, such as establishing a jetty on the river site and using equipment appropriately. During project execution, he establishes close contact with the management to direct the work process, provide analytical descriptions, and handle technological issues. He ensures that all the tasks are accomplished in time and smoothly. In case of problem, he maintains a helicopter view of the situation to implement the proper solution immediately.

According to Mr. Alam, transformation is the key to staying ahead of the competition in an increasingly expanding logistics market. Throughout his career, he has consistently achieved high productivity levels through knowledge transfer and efficiency improvement. It is his objective from day one that his logistic services are cost-effective and profitable.


AMMS has prospered under Mr. Alam for one more reason. He places a high value on corporate social responsibility, as it helps keep the humane aspect of businesses alive. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the leader instructed all his workers and employees regarding safety. He suggested working online so that the team could perform from home, avoiding physical presence and possible infections.

In addition, he implemented several corporate governance practices as the leader of his organisation. The practices include creating a competent board, aligning strategies with goals, being accountable, demonstrating high ethical standards, defining roles and responsibilities, and managing risk effectively.