Nishita Shah

Nishita Shah

Nishita has inherited her father, Kirit’s crystal-clear vision, which has been guiding her through the various stages of her professional life. Her business acumen has earned her a reputation of one of the dynamic young entrepreneurs who inspire women across the world. She graduated from the Boston University’s School of Management in 2002 and is the first woman in her family to step into the world of business. She also studied at the University of Cambridge’s Seatrade Academy.


Apart from being an active member in the GP Group, Nishita spearheads brands such as a clothing line named Burn Baby and a fashion label called Nsha. Her fashion apparel brands are available in select high-end boutiques across three continents. Apart from these, she is open to innovating and stepping into newer territories, and walk on the road less traveled.


Soon after graduating, Nishita was entrusted with the vital role of Managing Director in her firm. Getting a grip over everything quickly, she soon took over this role smoothly and enthusiastically carried on all the responsibilities.

She understands that along with her siblings, she has to take forward the legacy her father and fore-fathers have handed over to them.. With a lot more on the anvil, she is determined to have many more projects and ventures to take over in the years to come.


Nishita is not only among the richest people of Thailand but is also one of the most benevolent business heiresses around. She believes that it is important for the priviledged to contribute towards the well being of whole society. For her, inclusivity is the only way ahead for a richer and prosperous global future where all people enjoy basic rights.

Along with her business acumen and an aura of regality and glamour around her, magnanimity is a defining feature of her personality. Over the years, with her individual accomplishments, she has proved that she is not only an astonishing heiress to a grand enterprise but is also an awe-inspiring icon in her own right. Displaying large-heartedness, she donated 160,000 dollars for the education and research at the Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer.

Drawing inspiration from the business giants like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, she aspires to leave only a portion of her wealth for her firm GP and donate the rest to charity when she retires..


Nishita’s stakes in the magnanimous business empire are estimated to be an incredible 375 million dollars. With her company standing at 900 Million USD, Nishita has been ranked #34 by the esteemed US business magazine- Forbes in its list of top 40 richest people- 2019 in Thailand. With her relentless spirits and entrepreneurial adeptness, she has been leading the path to create an impact with her own brands. She is also a member of the Thai Institute of Directors where she has completed numerous modules. Aside from this, she is actively involved in YPO Thailand and is also one of the founders of the new YPO Asean United Chapter.