Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone

Unlike other cosmetic brands, Star Struck has brought a paradigm shift in how cosmetics have been used until now. Instead of creating different products, well-rounded products that suit all skin type, tone, and complexion have been introduced. Besides, Sunny along with her husband Daniel Weber has also launched the perfume brand ‘Lust.’

Star Struck by Sunny is the only brand in India which is 100 percent celebrity-owned.

True to its name, the brand reflects the power of make-up in transforming someone’s personality and making the others around feel star-struck. Sunny’s alluring persona and charisma also account for the name of this brand. Prior knowledge about using cosmetics is certainly helpful but getting involved in the process of manufacturing and marketing as an entrepreneuse is a different task. With her firm determination, Sunny opted to get behind the scenes and be a taskmaster to ensure superior quality of the products which carried her name. Her primary focus has been to introduce a cosmetic brand which everyone can use without any worries about its effects on skin.


Sunny aims to allay the customers’ fears about the harmful effects of cosmetic products on skin and has therefore been a forerunner in ensuring a great quality. As a vegan, she focuses firmly on making the products both skin-friendly and eco-friendly, Sunny supervises all the aspects in the brand’s manufacturing process– be it the formulas, the development, packaging, marketing, distribution or sales. No products are tested on animals and all are certified by PETA. This is one of the biggest USPs of the brand which reflects its emphasis on commitment to ethical business.


The make-up range offered by the brand comprises variants of lip colors, lip liners, primers, highlighters, gloss, eye-liners and mascara. Besides, Star-struck lip care kit has also been grabbing the eyeballs as this 3-piece lip kit helps take care of lips the correct way. Available in vivid colors, the kit has turned out to be a bestseller in the entire cosmetic range.

Well-defined eyes are quintessential to complete any style of dressing up. Star Struck offers eye makeup in various colors to complement all types of looks. Customers may also buy the comprehensive fullrange kit which includes all the make-up essentials. So, defining eyes, lips, and highlighting the best features of one’s face is now much easier with these skin-safe and cruelty-free cosmetic products.


Star Struck is now available at all major make-up and beauty stores across India and the UAE. Given Sunny’s global popularity, Star Struck products are in demand worldwide. Therefore, global shipping facility has also been added to cater to customers overseas.

The brand has been created by Sunny with a lot of passion and by utilizing her experience in using cosmetics. She has made concentrated efforts to offer sweat-proof and water-resistant cosmetics that are light on skin, the stay on for good time and are easy to remove.

Sunny plans to expand the range of Star Struck cosmetics by offering liquid eye-liner pen, color correcting sticks, face moisturizer, and translucent HD loose powder in the coming days.