Stellar Search’s brand has been growing year-onyear, accelerated by it’s expanding digital footprint, multigeography mandates and growing presence in emerging markets across Asia & Africa.

As the touch-points with their target audience (clients/potential clients/senior candidates) increase, the company is simultaneously focused on increasing its visibility among potential hires for the firm via an extensive B- School hiring campaign. It helps that the Chairperson, ShailjaDutt, is a sought after speaker on networking and diversity having addressed several corporates and industry bodies on the same.

Stellar is one of the most wellrecognized names in 25 countries across four continents. With a dominant presence in the Healthcare and Consumer industry segments within India, Stellar has built a new infrastructure & Oil and Gas practice from ground up, bringing it at par with its two established verticals. It is now a preferred brand for leading Energy/Power companies in India, displacing several wellentrenched competitors as the first port of call for senior commercial and operational hiring.

Stellar Search has made a highly successful foray into uncharted waters within East Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Ethiopia, after a successful inning in South Africa. Notwithstanding the fact that traditionally East Africa has had weak presence of Executive Search firms, within a span of just three years, Stellar has acquired a deep footprint with both local domestic business houses as well as large transnationals, as their preferred leadership advisory partners.

Stellar is today best recognized as a firm that brings a high degree of passion and engagement to every assignment it executes, along with untiring tenacity and commitment to close mandates, making them the industry gold-standard. In a space dominated by global firms headquartered out of the US/ Europe, Stellar is the first Indian executive search firm to successfully create brand recall at the top end of the retained executive search market, across South East Asia, India, the Middle East and Africa. It is recognized as a pioneer, having created a market for executive search services in a landscape that had not been introduced to even the idea of search. Stellar successfully competes with global firms, thanks to its well developed and cutting edge research capability, helping them connect with the “right” candidates across the world.

Its customized solutions for clients help it in forging longlasting relationships that go beyond transitory engagements. The fact that Stellar deeply embeds itself into the mind space of clients it works with is testified by the fact that nearly 65% of its annual revenue is derived from its existing clients.

As a firm that’s chosen to stay focused on specific verticals, it has successfully created a brand that has instant recall as the first partner of choice for clients in its chosen areas of specialization, in Pharma, Devices & Diagnostics, FMCG, Retail, Healthcare Services, Oil & Gas, EPC and Infrastructure across Asia and Africa.