Omar Al Humaidi

Omar Al Humaidi

Omar Al Humaidi is a well-versed leader who holds a BBA degree in Business Administration and Management (General) from Franklin University in Columbus, OH. Additionally, the young leader has recently received a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence from Khalifa University. He is a seasoned business development professional with extensive experience in the education management sector. His proficiency in business planning, business management, business development, staff development, training, management consulting, and strategic planning makes him stand out in the crowd.

He embarked on his career in the year 2011 as a Graduate Manager at Etihad Airways. Soon he joined Abu Dhabi Education Council as a Business Development Specialist.

Before joining the Department of Ministry of Economy as the Director of Anti-Injurious Practices in July 2021, the visionary leader worked for the National Media Council of the United Arab Emirates, an independent federal body that aims to organize and develop an integrated national media sector. He joined the National Media Council in 2017. His first role at the organization was that of the Head of Training and Development, followed by that of the Director of External Communication.


As technology continuously keeps evolving, Omar Al Humaidi believes that leaders should keep up with the latest technological advancements in order to stay relevant. According to him, in today’s world, leaders need a realistic understanding of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the potential of robotics, and natural language processing. Furthermore, they should keep an eye on the newest devices and the latest updates.

In his opinion, without leveraging the latest technology trends, leaders cannot expect their organization to stay ahead of the curve. Thus, staying abreast of the current IT trends is crucial in order to remain a successful leader, he says.


Omar Al Humaidi is constantly developing work mechanisms and services to combat harmful trade practices. Additionally, he is focused on developing smarter ways of automating procedures and investigations and addressing complaints pertaining to harmful practices.

Owing to his unceasing dedication and unwavering focus, he has efficiently enabled the Ministry of Economy in resolving 58 investigations and measures to impose anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties on foreign markets. Next, he intends to expand the Ministry’s efforts in this regard, leveraging the dispute settlement mechanism in the World Trade Organization to settle 100% of cases in a way that would make UAE products and services more competitive in the global market.

As a result of his leadership at the local level, the Ministry was able to address dumping and subsidy policies and increase imports in order to gain and maintain fair competition, protect national production, and implement the best commercial practices in the local markets by adopting legal measures to combat dumped or subsidized imports or by increasing imports.

On behalf of the Minister of Economy, Omar Al Humaidi conducted investigations into this matter, which led to the imposition of seven anti-dumping and protection duties on imported goods into the UAE’s markets, most particularly: car batteries, iron plates, cardboard, ceramics, cement, chemical plastics, and aluminum sheets.

Additionally, the forward-thinking leader is also in the process of devising a proactive mechanism that will intelligently monitor imports similar to local industries and notify consumers when imports are dumped or subsidized or when their quantities increase.

Besides being a successful leader, Omar Al Humaidi is also an inspirational role model for aspiring leaders. The unifying vision behind his leadership is one of his strongest attributes.