PARE Innovations

PARE Innovations

Each product at PARÉ Innovations Private Limited is developed by a multi-disciplinary team that works with the primary aim of imparting a global outreach to Made in India, world class interior products. The team is quite efficient in identifying the innovative global trends of the market and manufacturing a matchless range of products in India. The company is a manufacturer and supplier of luxury and decorative panels for both residential and commercial structures. With the constant efforts and innovative ideas of the Director, Mr. Parth Parmar, the organisation has achieved tremendous growth and success throughout the country, including exports.

Each product offered to the client matches international standards. Under the guidance and mentorship of the competent team, the workforce is motivated to customise all the exceptional variants for export, and aims to revolutionise all Indian products as per the emerging trends and needs of the 21st century.

Being one of the prominent players in the industry, the company also ensures ease of functionality and cost-effectiveness of its products. All these factors make the firm the first choice of potential buyers.


PARÉ Innovations Private Limited successfully established a pan-India presence and recognition within two years of its inception. Today, it enjoys the reputation of being an innovative and high-quality brand.

The Indian market has dealt with conventional products in the ceiling and wall decorative panel segment for over three decades. Still, this organisation identified the need for innovation in the interior goods category, and launched a range of perfect innovative products to fill the gap in the segment. The organisation also has more than three decades of experience in the interior goods category.

PARÉ Innovations Private Limited manufactured three innovative product designs, made for the first time in the world, and two product lines designed for the first time in India. All these products are manufactured in the organisation’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant based in Gujarat.

The company director takes pride in the fact that some of the products are conceptualised, designed, manufactured, and developed for the first time in the world. This makes the brand a true and original innovator. The employees’ hard work is unmatched, and in the last two years, the firm received accolades from Acetech – Mumbai, IIID-Lucknow, IDAC, and IGBC, among others.


PARÉ Innovations Private Limited offers a waterproof, maintenance-free ceiling and wall system. It imparts a real wood feel to the space. The product is popular in residential buildings, hotels, business hubs, club houses, and commercial structures. The products come with a ten-year warranty. Each product available at PARÉ Innovations Private Limited sustains all kinds of weather changes and is known to be all-weather. The flawless designs of interlocking panels make the area have a seamless look.

Additionally, the company has an exclusive range of luxury and decorative panels. It has designed these panels in large sizes with three dimensions to give them a natural look and feel. This innovative and robust product is widely used in villas, bungalows, and prime city areas. The range is waterproof and UV resistant and, therefore, can be used in all areas. These panels draw inspiration from the Arctic ice shelves to the Amazon rainforest, going all the way to the palaces of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. Made in Europe, the beautiful blend of advanced technology and handmade components makes it an opulent and world-class product.