Harish Poojari

Harish Poojari


Mr. Harish Poojari holds a master’s degree in Human Resource Management from Mumbai University. Before commencing his entrepreneurial journey, he began his career in human resources. He focused his attention on bridging the gap between employees and the organisation, which grew his interest in operations.

Today, Mr. Poojari, the Founder and CEO of Innovinc Aspire Infratech Solutions Private Limited, is known as an expert in developing the latest innovations in the industry. As a result of his vision, the company saw significant financial and business growth. The entrepreneur has set a precedent in infrastructure development by delivering exceptionally for the turnkey tolls and road construction projects allocated by the state governments.


Due to his strategic abilities, solid competence, and great business sense, he stands tall in the infrastructure sector. His organisational and leadership abilities set him apart from the competition. Owing to his dedicated and unwavering efforts, the business quickly expanded to four states.

Currently, the firm is operating in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, with ongoing and upcoming projects. Possessing true entrepreneurial skills, Mr. Poojari introduced technologies to the firm for building smooth roadways connectivity that are safe and reliable.

The visionary leader was able to achieve significant milestones by constructing high-quality roads and a toll collection system throughout India’s western and southern regions.


Mr. Poojari is committed to sustainable construction and adapting to future changes by placing it at the centre of his business’s expansion plan. Under his direction, the firm aims to be a turnkey provider of renewable energy resources and end-to-end infrastructure deployment by 2025.

The firm recently launched Innovinc Aspire Renewable Energy Solutions Private Limited under his leadership. Assemblers, fabricators, and dealers will be based with this subsidiary company specializing in lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries, and other renewable energy systems based on solar energy.

A relentless pursuer of perfection, Mr. Poojari did not leave any stone unturned in making his companies succeed. As a result, both companies have received ISO certifications for implementing top-notch standards in their operations.