Poland Plans Belarus Border Fence To Halt Migrants

Poland Plans Belarus Border Fence To Halt Migrants

Poland plans to build a fence alongside Belarus who shares the borders with the nation. They also plan to deploy more soldiers to stop migrants seeking to enter the European Nation.

The Poland government has offered to send humanitarian aid to a migrant group stuck at the border for more than two weeks. Along with Poland- Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are the three Baltic state which accuses Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of sending migrants across their borders. They form a part of the EU’s eastern border in what they call a “hybrid war”.

These four countries believe that the surge in migrants is Minsk’s revenge for the EU’s sanctions against the autocratic regime in Belarus. In a joint statement from the four-nation, they said that using immigrants to destabilize neighboring countries constitutes a clear breach of the international law and that qualifies as a hybrid attack against Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and thus against the entire European Union.

Political tension is growing inside the nation over 30 migrants who became stuck on the border with Belarus. A refugee rights group said that the group included people from Afghanistan and need some medical attention. Poland says that they are on Belarusian territory and are facing criticism for not allowing migrants to apply for asylum.