Power Pac Holdings

Power Pac Holdings

Eedicated to the welfare of their country and making serious efforts to realise the dream of their Prime Minister, the Sikder Group is nurturing a framework for the bright future of Bangladesh.


Sikder Group has been associated with utilizing private-public financing to upgrade Bangladesh’s infrastructure for over a decade. Making a move towards newer avenues, the company is now geared towards a unique development project in the country. This important project is the 8-billion dollar Central Business District (CBD), the foundation of which is being laid on a massive 114acre site at Purbachal New Town, NorthEast of Dhaka. Although the project is in its initial stages, it is seen as a very promising venture that aligns with the Prime Minister’s vision for 2021.

The CBD project is touted to be one of the path-breaking accomplishments in the company’s long list of projects. With this project, the Sikder Group has assumed the mantle of the master of infrastructure development in the nation.


The power sector is an important pillar of every nation. In Bangladesh, this sector has seen amazing growth and expansion in the past few years. It is regarded as one of the fastest-growing sectors in the whole of SouthEast Asia. There has been a growing demand for electricity in the country. From an annual capacity of 5 per cent in 2012, it has grown to 28 per cent in 2018. The Government of Bangladesh, therefore, is focusing on generating much higher levels of electricity. It aims to generate roughly 24,000 MW in 2021 and 60,0000 MW by 2041.

Owing to massive urbanization and a large number of people moving to major cities like Dhaka, there has been a surge in power demand and this has put unexpected pressure on the national electricity grid. This is why the Sikder Group, which possesses the infrastructure and technical know-how, has stepped in. To cope with this situation, the company set up PowerPac Holdings Ltd., which is a power generation company. The company has received contracts from the Bangladesh Power Development Board to build two power plants. It is also working towards attaining more power projects, including solar and coal-based plants.


The Sikder Group has two fully functional power plants at Keraniganj and Jamalpur; the other two are under construction. The first contract has empowered the Group to further revolutionize and modernize the economy of Bangladesh.

Four years later, these achievements have led PowerPac Holdings to become the first Bangladeshi company to build the first Special Economic Zone. This would be done by using the PPP model, which was also used in building the Mongla Economic Zone (MEZ). The MEZ is all set to provide employment opportunities to a large number of people and already has as many as 20,000 enrolments. The organization is waiting to embrace many such opportunities that would contribute to the remodelling of the country’s economy.