Spectra Constructions

Spectra Constructions

Spectra Constructions has bagged numerous prestigious projects owing to its meticulous attention to detail and a holistic approach to design. Each residential project delivered by the company is an epitome of excellence, offering the perfect balance of comfort and luxury to its clients. The real estate player believes in delivering an unparalleled experience to its clients to make them happy. Its consistent efforts to forge a collective and inclusive community spirit have helped the company drive customer loyalty.


Spectra Constructions employs an integrated design approach in its projects. Each project is designed after a thorough analysis of contemporary lifestyle trends. It also leverages ground-breaking technologies and ingenious practices for developing its residential projects. Spectra Constructions’ projects are all testament to the capability and experience that the company’s team brings to the table. Spectra Constructions has an efficient team consisting of designers, engineers, architects, and consultants that give top priority to the structural, aesthetic, and functional aspects of each residential property for achieving 100% client satisfaction.


As a member of CREDAI (The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India), the autonomous body of organized builders and developers across India, Spectra Constructions aims at delivering top-notch residential projects to customers for fulfilling the promise of ‘Living, Built by Design.’ All the endeavors of Spectra Constructions revolve around just one entity – its clients.

The real-estate company handpicks the best locations in Bangalore to develop eye-catching homes with skilled craftsmanship. It takes a 360-degree approach towards every home for delivering exceptional residential properties.


Spectra Constructions adheres to environmentally-friendly construction practices to save energy, reduce water consumption, reduce carbon footprint, and balance technology with manpower. What’s more, the company also installs rainwater harvesting systems in its properties for saving water.

The firm is also a mission-motivated member of the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), which is actively involved in advancing the Green Building movement in India. As a member of IGBC, the company aims at building sustainable homes across Bangalore.


Owing to its noteworthy excellence in designing magnificent edifices, Spectra Constructions have received several awards such as ‘Best Residential Dwelling (Below 1,500 sqft)’ at the CREDAI Care Awards 2019; ‘Best Project of the Year (Apartment)’ at the Realty Awards 2020 by commonfloor.com and indiaproperty. com; and ‘Design Project of the Year’ at the 11th Realty+ Conclave and Excellence Awards, to name a few.