Pramod Sajja

Pramod Sajja

Pramod holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing & Finance. He founded Paramount Software Solutions when he was merely 26 years old. This is an impressive achievement and a career highpoint for him. Through effective risk management strategies, the proactive entrepreneur has been able to keep this high point going! In 20+ years, he has managed to grow it into an organisation with over 300 employees.

As a stable, well-established contracting firm, Paramount boasts a cadre of highly skilled and seasoned consultants. Over the years, the ISO 9001:2015 certified company has worked with several global government agencies and also contributed to judicial reform. The company’s business model is very different from that of many other contracting firms. Consultants at Paramount have full-time job security and a comprehensive benefits package, giving clients a greater level of security for their projects.


Pramod has established a full-fledged product business under the umbrella of Paramount. His first offering, a blockchain-based SaaS product called Farm to Plate, allows food companies to track and trace their products immutably through blockchain technology. He is starting to deliver trials for this solution, which will open up a significant new revenue stream. The solution has already received a lot of interest from multiple geographies. Additionally, to build interest and establish thought leadership, he has launched a podcast that speaks with industry leaders to get their insight on key topics and current trends in the food sector.

Furthermore, Paramount’s product division has developed a blockchain-based solution called Carbon Credits for a client in the power and energy sector to track the carbon emissions they generate and encourage individuals to invest in renewable energy by allowing them to sell surplus power back to the grid.

The Paramount team, under Pramod’s direction, has also built capabilities across several other technology sectors, such as cybersecurity and robotic process automation that are critical to a post-pandemic economy. Pramod is highly skilled at executing market-driven strategies. He believes that, in a disruptive world, the customer is the king. Therefore, his innovation seeks to bring real benefits to real people. “We put people first and align our strategy with our innovations,” he asserts.

As a leader, he always motivates his team to align with changing demands in fulfilling clients’ requirements. Furthermore, using consistent quality and resources, he drives the organisation towards creating a competitive environment.


Pramod believes that employee morale and company culture are crucial elements for any staffing company. In order to ensure low attrition, high employee satisfaction, and long-term client stability, he promotes a culture that is familial and employee-centered. Consequently, top-quality talent prefers to stay longer with his organisation, resulting in high client satisfaction. A notable fact about Paramount is that it was certified as a Great Place to Work in 2021 based on a survey conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute, where 99% of its employees rated the company as a great place to work. Pramod encourages professionals to take charge of their own careers. He has introduced a leadership culture of Holacracy at Paramount, which is a system of management where roles are not assigned and employees are allowed to work across departments and teams without restrictions. Additionally, with a clear set of rules and processes, responsibilities are divided equitably among employees, reducing bureaucracy and enhancing productivity.


Pramod has always been committed to giving back to the community in whatever way he can. The visionary leader believes all corporations have a social responsibility to contribute to society. As part of this noble process, he has developed “Paramount Gives,” a dedicated CSR initiative within Paramount. Through partnerships with renowned social welfare organisations such as Vibha, Pure Hearts of Georgia, Access Life America, Sewa International and Brown Toy Box, Paramount Gives has raised donations worth thousands of dollars. Furthermore, several initiatives have been implemented under the leader’s direction, including webinars and offline welfare activities.

Throughout his career, Pramod has supported social causes in his capacity and on behalf of his organisation. His organisation funded the construction of an entire computer lab for the International Community School, Georgia, for the benefit of the school’s multicultural community. The ICS charter school was founded in Georgia’s DeKalb County in 2002 to help integrate refugees and immigrant children with local children in a nurturing and supportive setting.

The benevolent leader also promoted employee donations in 2021 for COVID-19 second wave relief efforts in India. This drive raised $40,000 in 45 minutes, with Paramount matching all employee donations.


In 2021, the Global Mental Health Association bestowed the 2021 Humanitarian Award on Pramod to spotlight his contributions to mental health in the community. In 2016, the leader was honoured with the TiE Top Entrepreneur Awards. He was also awarded the Outstanding Business Leader Award at the US-India Business Summit.

Furthermore, his company, Paramount Software Solutions is a regular winner of Atlanta’s Best and the Brightest Companies to Work For®. This award was given to the company for the seventh consecutive year in 2021. Additionally, the company was recently awarded the Inc. Best in Business 2021 Gold Medal for General Excellence.