Prantik Group

Prantik Group

When trust and excellence are attached to a company’s name, it embarks on a journey to create a legacy. That is what Prantik Group has initiated with its exemplary products and services. Established in 1998, the Group is now a celebrated name in the marine industry of Bangladesh.

Prantik Group is the brainchild of Md Golam Sarwar, the Managing Director of the organisation. Over the years, it has identified the needs of the marine industry and launched suitable solutions. As a result, it is now an unparalleled name in shipping, specialised shipbuilding, engineering, offshore emergency support, maritime logistics, agency, manning, and salvage business.

The list of its clients goes beyond Bangladesh to international destinations. Hyundai Engineering & Construction, Hilong, Torm, Antara Koh, Chittagong Port Authority, Excelerate Energy, and Sumitomo Corporation are some of its clients. So be it the US, Europe or China, the Group has reached different corners of the world to establish its business. It has also opened offices in various countries, such as Bangladesh, Singapore, and the USA.


Prantik Group started with the aim of becoming a leader, and has consistently launched services to meet the demands. It began with Prantik Marine Services Limited as the parent entity in 1998, under which the organisation offered repair services to the marine and industrial industries.

As the first company of the Group, Prantik Marine Services Limited introduced several cutting-edge marine technologies in the Bangladesh market. Continuing the efforts made at the successful parent organisation, the founder expanded the Group by establishing Faststream Logistics Limited in 2001.

Faststream Logistics Limited manages logistics operations, and is known to own some of the best-performing vessels, including the most powerful tugboat in Bangladeshi waters.

The next on the list of Prantik Group’s expansion plan was Prantik Maritime, whose main work revolved around being an agency to the overall organisation. So, from handling port services of shipping and manning to customs and maritime logistics, the organisation managed them all.

Things started excelling with the launch of Prantik Bengal Salvage & Diving in 2007, as the company became the first and only member of the International Salvage Union from Bangladesh. In addition, it is the only organisation in Bangladesh that has received approvals and certifications from International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), including ABS, BV, DNV, and LR. In 2008, Prantik Group added another vertical – Desh Shipbuilding & Engineering Limited – to produce high quality vessels in the country. It also offers shipping equipment and storage space on a rental basis. To put it briefly, the Group has made several strides to be the best at what it does. If there is a company that has made Bangladesh’s marine industry more efficient and technologically advanced, it is none other than Prantik Group.


Prantik Group’s success did not happen overnight. Since its inception, it has continuously worked towards offering its customers the best services along with 24×7 support. It believes in building a viable business that ensures top quality and safety. The organisation also has a solid commitment to the customers. So, whether it is a public holiday or midnight, the company ensures response and acknowledgment of its customers’ needs and actively solves their problems. This is why the Group has seen nearly a 100% client retention year-over-year.