Priyadarshani Group of Schools

Priyadarshani Group of Schools

Mr. Rajendra singh Indraman Singh, the CEO of Priyadarshani S c h o o l s , understands that every child is gifted with a uniqueness that need to be nurtured. He feels children between 1 to 16 years have immense potential and they need to be encouraged, irrespective of their socioeconomic background.


The Priyadarshani Group of Schools places importance on experiential learning. Its unique style of learning through the head-hearthand combination has been beneficial for all students. At school, students are encouraged to accept themselves for who they are and what makes them distinct. A technique known as Phonemic Intelligence, which is endorsed by Howard University, is practised each day. It enhances the development of the brain by clearing the blocks and aids intellectual, emotional and social intelligence.

Priyadarshani Schools utilize a method of combining technology with education. The Junior Engineering Lab is an example of this. Along with technological advancements, the school also ensures the well-being of students.


The Group has been recognised for its innovative practices. After being awarded the 6th place by the EW Grand Jury in 2019-20, the brand has garnered immense success. It has also received the ‘International School Award’ by the British Council for 2018-21.