Online Legal India

Online Legal India

Founded by small-town firstgeneration entrepreneur Rajesh Kewat, Online Legal India is an innovative digital platform aiming to equip each common citizen of India with legal knowledge and providing legal help via some of the most competent, well-trained, and friendly councilors and lawyers. Registered under the Companies Act of 2013, the firm is based on the idea to equip each common citizen to take legal steps against any atrocity by individuals or corporates without meddling into confusing jargons and hefty fees.

The brand provides services in sectors of consumer complaints against brands and their misleading claims/unsatisfactory services, helps companies in registration processes — FSSAI Registration, IEC Registration, Trademark Registration, and other services like GST, accounting, and legal services.

The ISO certified firm has over 1 lakh happy customers across India as it extends 24×7 affordable services via trained experts and professionals, assuring data security, timely assessment, and super-fast services.


Rajesh Kewat established Online Legal India just a year ago with the aim of resolving customer issues without any delay and complete accuracy. An RTI activist with more than a decade of experience, he laid the foundation to not only ease out the process for the individuals but will also give them a one-stop-solution to all their legal needs. The company started providing legal help to the customers with ease and with a motive to resolve their issues at one go.

The brand’s vision is to solve the customer issue smoothly so that the trust is built between their clients and them. It assures the clients with the best services, which are qualitative enough to create better lives for people every day. The team consists of skilled and proficient professionals who are qualified advocates, supported by great technical and human resources across several departments ensuring the smooth functioning of operations. They provide solutions and legal aid to all individuals, businesses and corporations with easy steps and proper guidance.

The brand portfolio includes three highly competent digital names; Online Legal India, Online RTI Application, and FastInfo Class. While Online Legal India is a one-stopdestination to seek legal guidance and help, Online RTI Application specializes in legal information related issues, both in private and public sectors, and FastInfo Class focusses on distance education and online tutorial for the preparation of competitive exams.


In his capability as the Managing Director of the firm, Rajesh Kewat follows a customerfirst approach to business, analyzing real-life situations with a sharp eye. His conviction is that every problem has a smart solution and it’s on the people who have to work on their perception to view it. He believes willpower and confidence can overcome any challenge and passes the same spirit on to his team and clients alike.

Online Legal India It is now associated with some big names like Flipkart, Paytm, GoDaddy, Instamojo,, Zee New, Google Partner, Republic TV, ICICI Bank, Trust Pilot, My Operator etc.