SS Law

SS Law

SS Law is a full-service law firm providing its clients legal aid in matters related to criminal law, family/ divorce, civil, IPR, personal injury, property, corporate law, arbitration, taxation services and mediation. The law firm also deals in laws related to anti-corruption and white-collar crimes. The company provides advisory in the cases related to investigations by the customs and regulatory authorities such as the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Enforcement Directorate, and Narcotics Control Bureau. In case of any investigation, the firm helps its clients in briefing and debriefing and has detailed discussions with the concerned authorities to close the case.


The dedicated team of lawyers working under the guidance of Dr. Adv. Sudhindra Bhat has contributed to building a loyal customer base. They strive hard to provide a hassle-free experience to all their clients, consider their customers’ views, and find solutions to all their legal troubles. An action plan is prepared well in advance, and solutions and strategies are discussed with the clients to win the case. The team has all the necessary proficiency to assist the customer and handle drafting deeds and agreement services, capital markets and securities law, human resources and employment law, property and real estate, family dispute counselling, taxation, arbitration, industrial designs and patents, capital markets and security law, etc. The professionals at SS Law focus on result-oriented approach. They believe in upholding the law while protecting the rights of the clients. They frame any legal document after a thorough research and collection of evidences.


Every employee at SS Law believes that a company’s progress depends upon its client’s satisfaction. The lawyers are committed to providing quality legal advice to every client, reducing the execution risk and leading to smooth operations. The main agenda of SS Law firm is to provide cost-effective and unique winning strategies to all the clients and gain their trust each time.

The clients are made aware of the matter’s progress so they can make informed decisions. Rather than jumping to conclusions quickly, the concerned team of lawyers tries to devote sufficient time to comprehend their customer’s problem and make the action plan accordingly. The rapport between their lawyers and their clients has helped SS Law firm gain respect and trust in the industry as well.


Compassionately understanding clients’ legal matters has always been a priority for the company. The lawyers at SS Law do not hesitate to refer to the basics of the law book to win a project. They always come up with imaginative and unique strategies to get the best result. Moreover, after the recent reforms and stringent policies laid by the government, the company now has numerous vistas of opportunities to explore. The identification with the clients, the excellent services provided to the clients, and the growing dominance of India as a global powerhouse will always be the company’s driving force. All this assures its clients to have a satisfactory experience which ultimately helps the firm to grow rapidly and have a promising future.