Salud Beverages

Salud Beverages

Salud is a Spanish word, which means ‘Cheers to Health’ and Salud beverages is all about finding fresh new ways for the world to meet and celebrate life in its new reality. Life 2.0, as proclaimed. With an exclusive range of ready bottle-to-glass drinks and craft spirits, Salud beverages aspire to bring the best and freshest beverages to people across the world.

Ready-to-Drink beverages are rapidly gaining momentum and prevalence, and Salud beverages is poised to tap into this demand by combining modern, easy flavours and presenting them in a packaged form that is ready for consumption, starting with its G&T 2.0 range of pour-andgo gin and tonics.

These exciting concoctions are riding on a wave of popularity right now, and the Salud beverages spirit of fine quality and the great flavour is packed into every bottle.


Salud beverages cater to its intended audience with an array of refreshing flavours – Gin & Tonic Original, Gin & Tonic Cucumber and Gin & Tonic Lavender – each carefully designed to appeal to different palates. Salud beverages also infuse its ‘Celebrate Life 2.0’ credo into an entire range of lifestyle products.

Salud beverages’ new summer collection includes easy-to-wear T-shirts, cool trucker hats, crop tops and upcycled wooden coasters. With its niche beverages and exclusive lifestyle products, Salud beverages strive to transform how people celebrate life.