Sanjjeev K Singh

Sanjjeev K Singh

Sanjjeev is extremely passionate about helping customers maximise the value of their SAP investments. Having seen many customers lose millions of dollars with other systems integrators, he founded ASAR in 2010 with the sole objective of helping SAP customers implement SAP solutions in the most optimal and cost-effective manner leveraging the best SAP practices. The word ASAR comes from a Hindi word which means “making a positive impact.”

Also, ASAR resells SAP CX solutions to customers in the midmarket across America as a value-added reseller. One of the primary advantages of the company is that it has developed SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solutions called Cheetah Rapid Deployment Package for a range of SAP CX solutions. These Rapid Deployment Packages are fee-based, fixed-scope solutions that enable customers to install and implement SAP CX within a few weeks. Due to their superior offerings, ASAR has become the leading SAP partner for businesses across a variety of industries. Their stellar clientele, which includes Monster Energy, Johnson & Johnson, Swagelok, General Datatech, All-Ways Elevators, Rizing, and others, shows that the company has lived up to their meaning from day one!


Every business now relies on the digital touch to stay competitive, and this requires the expertise of a customer experience specialist. With Sanjjeev, a customer experience author, businesses have successfully redefined their customer experience and devised thoughtful ways to value their customers with a digital approach. Additionally, the leader has hired highly proficient consultants who work with medium and large-sized companies. The dedicated consultants help these companies successfully reinvent their customer experiences and create innovative ways of serving them effectively.

Under Sanjjeev’s stewardship, ASAR has become a certified SAP Gold Partner and America’s only SAP Partner specialising in SAP Customer Experience Solutions. Over the years, the company has supported numerous companies through their digital transformations, facilitating better customer interactions and strategizing better ERP. Their track record of delivering prompt, cost-effective and world-class SAP implementation services has earned it a solid reputation in the market.


Sanjjeev’s mission is to encourage businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to prioritise the customer experience. He believes that how a business interacts with its customers plays a huge role in its growth. Thus, as an SAP Hybris product expert, he is enthusiastic about assisting customers in developing and implementing customer engagement solutions.

ASAR specialises in sales automation, price quote configuration, e-commerce, customer service field service, and digital marketing. Also, the company’s customer experience approach helps their clients reduce their acquisition costs.

Having enjoyed rapid growth over the years, the goal-driven entrepreneur says he expects the firm’s revenue to double once he adds more brands to their portfolio. Ultimately, the goal is to become one of the most renowned and respected players in the field of customer experience in five years.


Sanjjeev believes there is no shortcut to success. If you want to achieve real success, you cannot take shortcuts, says the leader. According to him, one must deliver genuinely valuable service to customers to build a loyal customer base. To that end, Sanjjeev has kept customer satisfaction consistently high to make ASAR a leading SAP service provider. As a whole, ASAR’s success can be attributed to Sanjjeev’s belief in hard work, trustworthy actions, accountability, and service that is second-to-none.

Sanjjeev learned the value of hard work and honesty from his parents. He recalls his parents constantly encouraging him that if he worked hard and stayed strong, he could achieve anything he desired in life. Also, they never interfered with his ambitions.

During his school days, Sanjjeev’s parents would wake him up at 4 a.m. every single weekday so that he could study. They also taught him that in order to achieve anything in life, one must put forth all of one’s effort. And that’s exactly what he did with ASAR at their inception when the odds of success seemed bleak.

His company had to struggle to get off the ground in 2010 because of the initial lack of credibility in the market. Since it did not have any customer references for successful SAP implementations under their name, customers hesitated to engage with the company. It was the determined leader’s perseverance and conviction that enabled the company to succeed despite the many challenges it faced.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanjjeev is leveraging the unprecedented change, looming over the world, to his advantage. According to him, since businesses are seeking out innovative ways to operate and interact with their customers while ensuring excellent service delivery, they should not be stuck interacting with them through outdated processes. He asserts that in the business world and other areas of life, the only constant thing is change, and every business must embrace change with open arms to grow and succeed.

Through ASAR, the leader offers his expertise to help businesses and companies adapt to and implement those changes. He and his team offer surefire digital marketing strategies, e-commerce, and customer service processes that help individuals and businesses grow.

As an individual who is forever brimming with positivity, Sanjjeev strives to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone he interacts with.